Makeup & Beauty Hauls – April 2018

I got a thing for single pan eyeshadows and trying out new brands this month. That together with several palettes arriving late (I ordered a lot of them in March but they took 4-6 weeks before they arrived) means that I have a lot of eyeshadows to try out. I need to give myself a break on picking up more so I can try out all these goodies properly. With that said nothing inspires my creativity more than having a new palette to try out, so part of what keeps this blog running is my excitement for creating new looks with something new and exciting.


I always pick up something from Colourpop. Every single month. They are good, cheap, and release a lot of exciting stuff so I can’t resist putting in a Colourpop order or two. Here is the “Give It To Me Straight” eyeshadow palette together with three of the Lux Lipsticks in the shades Appy, Ghosted and Money Side Up.


The #MorpheMe brush subscription gave me four new Morphe brushes to my collection. A powder, a small contour, a brow brush and a small crease brush. I still feel that I always need new brushes, especially for the eyes since I tend to go through them like crazy when I get creative and do some makeup looks for fun. Brushes need to be squeaky clean for me to use them you see, so I need my little arsenal of clean brushes for creative moments.

Also, the Nature Republic Himalaya Salt Cleansing Balm is a repurchase. A very necessary one since I go through cleansing balms very quickly. I really like this one because it just melts away my makeup so easily!


The Juvia’s Place Mini Masquerade I ordered in early March, but the Norwegian post service have been so painfully slow lately, so I didn’t get it until around 4 weeks late. I started to worry it got lost in the mail. but luckily it showed up. It is not really mini though. It is more like reguar size, but compared to Juvia’s Place usualy gigantic pans I guess this is mini. I will never get through a full size Juvia’s Place pan anyway, so it is genious to release a similar palette with smaller pans. I wish they would do that with more of their palettes.


And yes, another Colourpop Palette fell down in my mailbox. I don’t understand how fast things are happening sometimes, or more correctly; how fast I add palettes to my collection. I also got some fun bright shades in the Lux Lipstick range namely Get a Room and On Display. The single pan shadows from the recent festival collection was also too much fun! Here you see the shades La Playa, Chauffer, Night Show, Feathered, Hop On, Kill Switch. Rascal and Slay-Farer.


Some more fun pans from Colourpops Festival Collection. Formation, Backstage, Deja Boo, Fault Line, Two To Mango, Comeback Kid and Bratty. Such delicious bright colors!


Some lashes was also a necessary investment. I picked up the Eylure Definition Lashes 121. This is a repurchase and I used my old pair to bits and pieced through April. The Eylure Party Lashes was a new and fun encounter. I did not realize that they had glitter strips in the lashes before it arrived in my mailbox. I also wanted to test some new lipsticks formulas and picked up the NYX Powder Puff Lippie in the shade “Squad Goals“, and Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink in “Seductress“.


I also got my montly liquid lipstick subscription KissMe From Liveglam. With three new shades nice for spring! Poppy, Soft Mist and Butterfly.


Since I have become a big fan of Eylure Eyelashes I also ordered this Eylure x Vegas Nay Fiercly Fabulous Lashes from Ebay. I don’t know if they are discontinued or not? I really like them though so I will try to grab myself some more.This style is so beautiful!


The Latte Palette from Dominique Cosmetics was also a March purchase arriving late. It actually arrived just on the end of April. I am so frustrated about delivery times lately, and I know it is not the fault of the companies I purchase from because I get the shipping note just the day after I order, it is just the post service in Norway that is ridiculous. Anyway, this looks like a beautiful neutral palette that I am excited about. A nice first launch for a brand and I am excited to see what else shows up form the brand in the future.


Lethal Cosmetics is a new indie brand for me. I just stumbled upon it when someone I follow on Instagram posted about these and I got Intrigued. So I got the Alchemy Collection with 6 interesting shades. I am excited to learn more about these and how they perform. I was a bit surprised by the size, because they look twice as large on their website than what they actually are, but I guess I won’t finish them any time soon anyway so that’s fine. I plan on making some reviews of all the new indie brands I am trying out now, but let me know if something in particular peaks your interest, and the review may appear faster if I know you are eager to read about it.


Looxi Beauty is another new indie brand that I got recommended in one of Angelica Nyqvist videos (If you like Beauty YouTubers that does fun bright makeup you should see her channel). I got the shades (Left to righ, top to bottom) Limelight, Juice, Omega, Bohemian, Deep, Ruby Reign and Platinum Pink.


The Last new indie brand I decided to pick up eyeshadow pans from are Devinah Cosmetics. These guys I also picked up based on the recommendations of the same YouTuber that recommended Looxi Beauty. Some fun greens and blues are my weakness and these colors look so gorgeous. They are Odium, LMAO, Acapulco, Paladin, Buddy Blue and Cupid.


I was running out of my Squalene oil from The Ordinary, and decided to try even more from the brand. The skincare I picked was 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil, 100% Plant Derived Squalene and Granactive retionoid 5 % in Squalene. Lets pray for wonders.


I am still addicted to Juvia’s Place eyeshadows and I think their formula is superb. So The Douce palette had to be mine as well. I don’t know what to say. I just love their palettes, and I hope to collect them all one by one. They make proper colorful palettes which I love! Not just that neutral palette with a simple pop of color. I am not tricking anyone though, I obviously like and purchase those palettes as well.

I have a couple more things on the way, but that has to be saved for a May haul post. But I guess I have enough eyeshadows to play with for a while and to keep me busy. I think next month I need to focus on investing in a few empty palettes because suddenly things started filling up here!

Did you treat yourself with anything exciting this month?






8 thoughts on “Makeup & Beauty Hauls – April 2018

  1. Marynna

    He-he, so you bought them 😀 i’m so curious to find out your impressions about Spirit eyeshadow from Lethal Cosmetics…i love the colour but i think it has pretty much fallout and is not as shimmery as i thought…i feel like i can’t work with this colour as well as i work with the other 5 that i have from Lethal Cosmetics. I also look at the Looxi Beauty eyeshadows and they seem quite promissing 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I did, I could not resist they seem too exciting! They feel a bit dense in formula so my thought were that they possably pack on better with a flat synthetic brush and that I may have to be a bit less gentle with the brush than usual. But I didn’t get around to use them on the eyes so far. Do you have the same set of shades? 😊


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