Liveglam KissMe Liquid Lipstick Subscription – April 2018!


Once again the KissMe Lipstick Subscription fell down in my mailbox again for me to try out. I was very excited about this months lip bundle because some of the shades looked like they would be just my cup of tea. Even though one of the fun things about this subscription is that you get to try out new shades I normally would not purchase myself I quite enjoy getting just my kind of shades that I know I will be wearing a lot. This month I got a bit hit, but it was not the shade I expected!


This month I got three different finished. One matte, one satin and one metallic. The nice blue bag and the bright shades gives me spring vibes! But lets talk about how they performed one by one!


Poppy was the shade I believed would be my favorite, and I really love this bright coral red with a super matte finish, but I actually favored one of the other shades a bit more. This one is still gorgeous though, and I am sure I will get a lot of use out of it. I think I’ve figured out how the quality of these lippies work. the nudes and reds are often very good and last for 5-6 hours, while the darks are often streaky and lasts for a considerably shorter time. That is true for this one as well. After around 5 hours it had started to fade a bit, but not bad at all considering it went through dinner and a big mug of coffee. It was not too bad either, I just applied lip balm so the color would even out and could continue wearing the shade for a few more hours. The finish is matte, and by that I mean really really matte, which looks beautiful with bright colors like this. The shade is perfect for spring, and I can’t wait for the next sunny day to wear it. This one was a hit!


Then we have Soft Mist. A golden nude with a metallic finish. I am personally not the biggest fan of metallics because I just think it ages me and enhance texture on my lips too much. But if you are a metallic kind of gal this is a good choice because it lasts for a good 6 hours with meals and all. Best of all, it wears off evenly so I don’t really have to worry. I prefer usng this kind of lip products under a gloss though, and I am sure I will wear this one again with a clear gloss on top. If you like metallics this is good, but since I don’t and have to add gloss to it, this will probably not me a go-to for me. Still, color is nice though.


Lastly, my favorite: Butterfly. This one is beyond gorgeous in my opinion. This bright fuchia pink with a satin finish was a proper “wow-shade” for me. You know the shade you put on and you are just stunned (I am the only one that feels like this sometime? Tell me I am not crazy). This is the first satin finish I try from KissMe, and I expected it to be more like Colourpops satin finish lippies, but this is more like a mix between a matte and a metallic with the same dry-down. It is not more creamy in formula like the Colourpop Satin are compared to their Ultra Matte, the consistency is the same as with the full on matte one. The finish looks stunning on the lips, and I hope to see more lippies in this finish. I would LOVE a satin red (pretty please?).


The swatches on my arm are in the same order as they are in the review. Poppy on top Soft Mist in the middle, and Butterfly on the bottom. What is your favorite of the bunch?


All in all I got two hits and one meh this month. I would say 2 out of 3 is OK, and I will still get some use out of the metallic one. I am the most excited about Butterfly though, but I bet Poppy will also be a popular choice this spring.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, remember to find me on Instagram if we are not friends already (and let me know you came from here, I would love to hear from my readers on Instagram as well).



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