Review: Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Foundation – My Holy Grail!

I guess since my title is a total spoiler alert, you know exactly what I think of this foundation, but if you want to know why I suggest you stick around for a while.


This is a beautiful natural foundation with a light to medium coverage depending on how much you want to build it. I purchased it in June 2017 because I wanted something natural and light weight with SPF for summer. Just a fresh faced foundation that felt light on the skin. I immediately fell in love with this.


The foundation was just what I was hoping for. It looks very natural on the skin. It is not very visible that I am wearing a foundation, but it still seems to perfect my skin. Since this does not have a lot of coverage it would probably not be the favorite of someone who wants to hide a lot of redness, but since I have fairly good skin with not much to hide, I am more in need of something that evens out, then this has a beautiful finish.

The finish of the foundation is wonderful too. It is neither dewy or matte, but gives just a healthy-skin-finish. It is quite liquid and that makes it very easy to blend out, and I found it to be very fast to apply on the skin. No fuzzing around to try to make it look nice, it just melts effortlessly into the skin.

Since I see no point in showing pictures of my face with foundation to show what it can do (I don’t have much to cover and I would have a hard time making something show up in photos) I decided to use my scary arm instead. You’ve already seen this scar on my swatch posts, so no need to be shy here, but here it is completely naked when you don’t focus on pretty eyeshadow colors. It is pretty visible.


So the top picture is without any foundation at all. The middle one is with a single layer, and the bottow one is with two layers. As you can see some redness still shines through, but I think it is pretty deacent for a natural foundation. And just look how nice the finish is though. It just looks like healthy skin with a scar!

I just noticed that my arms are pretty transparent. I think I need some sun. Or fake tan…..if I only were not too lazy for that sort of thing!


I guess when you see that the brand is Guerlain you already know it’s going to be expensive, and for 63$ for 1 fl.oz that is a pretty accurate guess. I think it is worth it though, since this is my all time favorite, but I guess it is great to try to grab a sample of this first before committing to the whole thing.

Did you try this one yourself? I would love to hear more opinions.




10 thoughts on “Review: Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Foundation – My Holy Grail!

  1. geniussr

    this foundation did cover your scar very well without any overwhelmed feel, which I like the best about natural foundation.Even though I am not the very much foundation person but will definitely give it a try as I always need to for my blog post or instagram for comparisons. Good review 👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. I really like the finish it gives on the skin. It looks good even in strong sun light 😊 I think since it looks so natural on the skin it is great for people who dont usually wear too much foundation. But you can surely get a sample first since it is a bit up there in price 😊


  2. One Ideal

    I love this review ! I was looking into buying this foundation but couldn’t find any decent review/opinion about it that convinced me. I’ll definitely try it out ! Looking forward in reading new articles xx

    Liked by 1 person

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