Zoeva Offline Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

Zoeva, one of the very frequently mentioned brands here on my blog and Instagram, are one of my very favorite affordable brands. The large number of eyeshadow palettes can verify how much I like their eyeshadow formula. So a review of a Zoeva eyeshadow palette will almost for certain be a good one, with some brand bragging included.

I hope you wont get sick of me going on about these palettes (I got several 10-pan palettes on my review list so there will for sure me more of them), I just don’t think they get the acknowledgement they deserve. They are cheap, handy palettes of good quality. Even the color selection is usually very good.


The Offline palette has the standard sleek cardboard packaging, with no mirror, that is light-weight, slim and easy to store. I also feel quite safe traveling with these because it seems that the shadows are quite snug in the packaging, besides they are not overly soft and easy to break either. The green design with gold text is also quite pleasing to the eye. Not my favorite design by Zoeva I have to say, but I quite like it still.


I like what is inside even more! The first row is a very nice row for natural makeup. You can do no-makeup makeuplooks, or just a simple shimmery or bronzy lid. All of these shades work nice for work-friendly looks (depending on your work offcourse). There is a nice base shade, some transition or crease shades, and one light shimmer and one darker bronzy shimmer that works well with the other shades on the row.


The second row it fun! Only five shades but you got blue, purple and reds all included. All of these shades fit nicely together to create fun and colorful looks. You can do something fun and bright with the blue, or a darker smoky cranberry eyes with the reds. A lot of fun colorful options in one small row of shades.

I find that to be a quite interesting feature of this palette, that you can go completely neutral or completely colorful with plenty of options. The palette is only 10 shadows after all! But, like mentioned before, the composition of shades in the Zoeva palettes are often quite good. It makes sense and it often feels like it is well thought through like with this palette.


The shade selection is only one thing though, the other important thing is how they perform. I find that this is very true to the usual Zoeva formula. The shimmers are very rich, buttery and smooth. The mattes are also creamy to the touch, but they are not too softly pressed. There is little kickback in the pans compered to how soft they feel. I also found that all these colors blend easily, event the purple and reds which can be tricky sometimes. In this palette they blend effortlessly. They are quite true to the color you see in the pan, except the matte red shade that is a bit more muted on the eyes than it apears on the eyes. Overall, a good quality palette.


The price tag is also very affordable (19.50 €). So this is good quality for a low cost. And I love that about Zoeva! So this is a thumbs up from me!



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