Review: Bioaqua Golden Osmanthus Eye Mask

I love masks, especially sheet masks! I love to pamper my skin a bit in the evenings but I feel that my eye are needs a bit more attention than a normal sheet mask gives (they dont fit very snugly around my eyes as the rest of my face). So I use these small eye patches when I want to give my eye area some extra TLC.


I picked up the Bioaqua Golden Ormanthus Eye Mask, which is a Korean eye mask. I have become quite a K-Beauty junkie over the past year, and I usually get awesome sheet masks from Korean brands, so my hopes where high for this one aswell.

As usual the brand claims that this will do world wonders on your face. It is supposed to be anti-ageing, de-puff, moisturize and reduce dark circles.


One thing I really like about these patches are that they go all the way around the eyes and not just underneath like most eye patches do. I feel like I treat a bigger area this way, and I particularly like that it fits snugly around my outer corner, where is exactly where I want treatment for fine lines. I am 31 years, and even though I am not very bothered with fine lines, I am not 18 anymore for sure and I do appreciate some wrinkle-care in my routine.


Once applied it feels very comfortable and soothing. Perfect after a long day when your eyes feel tired. The eye patch is soaked in serum, and even though the patch goes all the way around my eyes with only a small hole for my eyeball to peek through (jikes…..that sounds horrifying!) I don’t experience any of it running into my eye and irritating it.

I usually leave it on for 20 minutes or so while sipping on a cup of tea, scrolling through my Instagram or watching some YouTube videos to catch up on whats going on in the makeup-industry, but it is supposed to be enough with only 10-15 minutes. I figured a little extra does not hurt.


I am not bothered with dark circles or puffy eyes, so I am not able to tell if these eye patches work well for that purpose or not, but I imagine it could be great for puffiness since it feels so cooling and soothing on the eyes.

It does however feel super moisturizing! I would not use these in the morning, because it leaves quite a tacky residue around the eyes that takes a long time to properly sink into the skin, but my eye-area feels so wonderfully moisturizing the day after.

I do think it helps with fine lines as well, as giving the skin a lot of moisture normally helps against that. I do believe that giving your skin plenty of moisture is key to preventing wrinkles and fine lines (to a reasonable extent off course), and I do think my eye area looks more hydrated and plump the day after using these.

I have become a big fan of these. Not just because pampering yourself with a soothing and cooling eye-patch in the evening feels great, but I do feel like I get the results I want with it.

If you are searching for a eye mask, this one is something I defiantly would recommend!





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