Review: Essence Pure Nude Highligher

A while back I tried out the Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour palette, and I really enjoyed the palette. Cheap and gets the job done in a satisfying way (it IS related to this highlighter, just wait one moment). I even wrote a review solely dedicated to it because I liked it so much and wanted to share the fun.

One of the highlighter shades was something I referred to as “Magic”. Because it was more of an all over glowing finishing powder. It could be build up off course, but I like to just buffing it gently all over my cheek area, chin, temples and nose (I skipped the forehead though) and it gave the most gorgeous, healthy, luminous amazing finish to the skin. I searched up and down their website to see if they could have something similar in a single pan, but no luck….so disappointing!


Then, I heard someone talk about the Essence Pure Nude Highlighter. It was a YouTuber, but I can’t remember who (sorry!), that described this in the exact same way I would describe the shade “Magic” in the Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette (If I were to describe it with more than one word).


So I ordered it home. It is so cheap it was almost for free so I figured I had nothing to loose but much to gain (Yes, I am dramatic now). Soon it popped down in my mailbox, and first thing I had to do was to dip my fingers in it….could it be similar to “Magic”?


First impression was that I could actually be onto something, so I quickly pulled that old contour palette out of the drawer to compare, and swatches they did look very similar. The big question was then if it would perform the same way on the skin.


It took me just a few times use to realize that this was exactly what I wanted. I can easily use this as a glowing powder for larger parts of my face, or i can focus it on the cheekbones and build it up, and it gives the most gorgeous glowing cheekbones.


This product completely saved me from dull winter skin this February. I actually used it every single day, and I did naturally give it an honorable mention in my February favorites. For the first time ever I actually feel that I have a chance of finishing a highlighter. And when I do, I will for sure have a new one in backup because this is also no less than magic!

This truly is a gem!



14 thoughts on “Review: Essence Pure Nude Highligher

      1. I don’t think it is discontinued because they recently featured it in a promo picture, and I guess they would not promote a discontinued product, but I know many people have trouble finding it. They don’t sell essence at all in my country so I ordered it online 😊

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