KissMe Liquid Lipstick Subscription March 2018!

Time to summarize my thought on the KissMe Liquid Lipsticks I received this month. I always enjoy receiving colors that are more unique to my collection, and especially receiving shades that I probably would not pick up myself. For me that is one of the big advantaged with this subscription, and I’ve been surprised more than once. I mean, how can I know if a neon orange will look good on me or not if I’ve never tried it? This month I got a nice threesome of browns and oranges. None of these shades were my typical go-to, which makes them even more fun to try.


My initial thought when I opened the silk bag that contains the lippies were disappointment. Because they looked different than I imagined. Not the shade of the lipsticks but the packaging. As you can see on the photo of the information sheet that comes with them, they do have their regular rose gold top and details, and I expected them to look the way I am used too. Instead the lid and writing on the bottle was a dusty metallic pink. I mean, the packaging is still nice, but this is not what was advertises. This is not what I purchased! Because, I guess the inside counts the most, but I did buy this product expecting a very different packaging, because that was what they advertised.


Oh well, disappointment set aside (I am obviously a tad bit picky here) lets talk about what is important. The shades and how they perform!

Sugar Daddy is a warm chocolate brown shade. I like brown shades after recently (In my mind 6 months is recent) getting some from Jeffree Star, but before that I was a bit more skeptical to those shades. Too much 90’s vibes for me. But I have grown to really appreciate brown shades, and I got quite a few now from ranging from very light to very dark. I was happy to add another brown to my collection. This one is a bit streaky though, and it definitely needs two coats. I also think it definitely needs a lip liner. Something I noticed about KissMe Lipsticks is that if they need two coats they are usually not as long lasting as the ones that only need one swipe, and that was the case with this too. Since it is a dark shade that is not too long-lasting, the risk for butthole lips are quite high. The shade is lovely though, so my favorite way to wear this is just with a lipbalm on top. That also gets rid of the matte finish unfortunately, but it makes the lipstick wear much more nicely, and since the longevity is already compromised a bit I found it better to just add some chapstick and wear this as if it was a regular lipstick. The shade is cool and I will wear it again. just not as a matte butthole.


Tease was the shade I guessed I would find most flattering on me. I think the shade is something between mahogany and brick red. Not as dark as Sugar Daddy, and with more red tones. Still some 90’s vibes but with a red velvet tough. I love this shade, It is stunning. This one applies nice and easy with one layer, feels super comfy on the lips, and lasts for around 5 hours. i did both drink and eat while testing it out and I had no need for touch-ups.

Crush was he most daring shade of the bunch. A bright neon orange that really pops. I have orange lipsticks, but nothing as vivid as this, so I figured it was a nice feature to my collection. This has the usual longevity of 5-6 hours, the pigmentation is nice and even and it gives good coverage in one swipe. Good and fun shade for those of you who are into bright orange. I don’t know if that is me but I appreciate having the option.


Tease was the big favorite this month, the other two are nice but I don’t think they will be my new favorites. Maybe not the best month for my personal taste, and the quality of Sugar Daddy was maybe a bit lower than expected. But all months can’t be all hits for me. I am sure someone loves their new neon bright lipstick, and I am very happy to add a color to my collection that I didn’t own. So overall, not too shabby, but I think tease is the only shade I will get proper use of this time.


Another chance I noticed was that they have a new applicator. It has a bend to it that hugs the lips. It is a bit unusual at first because I was used to the standard doe-foot they had, but this new one works really well. It hugs the lips and gives an even application, but is still easy to use, so I could actually apply dark lipstick without looking like a parody of the Joker. I can appreciate that!

The scant is still the lovely sweet cookie-dough vanilla scent. Thinking about it I need to go to get myself some Ben & Jerry Cookie dough ice cream!

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