Huda Beauty 3D Hgihlighter Palette Winter Solstice – Swatch & Review!

Not to long ago I reviewed another one of these 3D highlighter palettes from Huda Beauty, and I gave it a very good review (read here). But I did also pick up this Winter Solstice palette, and I kept it in my makeup bag in February giving it a very good try.


I really like the concept of these highlighters with one being a cream which is a bit more subtle, and the other three being powder highlighters meant to layer on top of the cream for a beaming highlight.


The shade selection here is really pretty. They are colorful, but I actually managed to wear every single one of them and incorporate them in to everyday makeup looks. I have to admit that “Arctic Glow” was a bit of a challenge since I find it hard to pull off blue highlighters for an everyday casual look, but I made it work as a beautiful inner corner highlighter (and no one gave me weird looks!).


Lets just go through the shades one by one shall we?

Frosted Kiss – This is the melted strobe cream and the only cream highlighter in the palette. It is the most subtle shade of them all, but this is intended to be put down as a base, and to layer the other shades on top. The formula is a bit dense, so I was afraid it could possibly disrupt my foundation, but I found that if I swirl my finger in the product, heating it up with my finger, it applies very nicely. I think this is really pretty on its own, and not just as a base for the other shades, so I did use it quite a bit on its own.

Arctic Glow – Even though this is a beautiful shade I found it to be the least wearable. It is just too blue for me as a highlighter. But in the inner corner or as an eyeshadow topper it is super pretty, so I did get some use out of it even though maybe not as a cheek highlight. By the way, this looks stunning on top of red lipstick if you just pat a bit in the center of the lips!

Norhtern Lights – This one I’ve used a lot. Used with a very light hand it is quite wearable, but if you want a full on yellow gold highlight then you can easily get that as well.

Winter Rose – This one is probably the most used shade out of them. It can be either a beautiful pink highlighter, a blush topper for a bit of extra winter cheek glow, or even both! It has a lilac duo-chrome shift to it which makes it a bit more unique than your regular pink highlight.


The texture of the powder shades are really creamy, almost dense. It nearly feels as a creamy texture as well, so they are super smooth. I am quite impressed by the quality of Huda Beauty highlighters, and it makes me tempted to grab a few more of her highlighter palettes.


The pan size is generous so for the 45$ price you get a lot of good quality highlighter for your money. I would easily recommend both the Winter and Summer Solstice palettes, and I am very eager to get my hands on the other palettes.

Did you try any of these 3D highlighter palettes? I would love to hear your thoughts on them!

Thanks for reading!




7 thoughts on “Huda Beauty 3D Hgihlighter Palette Winter Solstice – Swatch & Review!

    1. The highlighter palettes I’ve tried are really good. I do like the Desert Dusk palette too, but the Rose Gold was a fail for me. I tried one pair of her lashes too, and I don’t know what I am doing wrong because so many people love them, but I find mine to be soooo uncomfortable. Hits and missed a like in other words 😄

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  1. Kate's Vanity

    I have the Desert Dusk palette as well, the foundation and primer, and a couple of the lip kits lol. The foundation is okay. Not my absolute favorite, but I can work with it. I like the primer a lot too. I like more natural looking lashes. I wasn’t sure if those would be heavy and thick.

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      1. Sweet! Got any good tips? I have been using Eyelure quite a bit lately and I found them very comfy and easy to apply. Very lightweight and with a thin lashband. Also they don’t look too long. I have very small eyes and find that a lot of lashes are too dramatic on me even though they look great on others 😊

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      2. Kate's Vanity

        I like Kiss lashes. When I was at Walmart, they had this cool set that came with special scissors to trim them. They also gave you a way to measure your eyelid and see what you needed to trim. It also came with some lash glue. I thought it was neat, I picked one up for myself. I also like Ardell Demi wispies. They have some really natural looking ones. 😊


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