Zoeva Opulence Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

One of the most instagrammable (yes, that is a word now) palettes from Zoeva that I’ve seen in a long time! The packaging is absolutely stunning with the dark background, flower decor and gold details. It is both eye-catching, unique and beautiful!


If you have seen my eyeshadow palette collection you know I have a weakness for Zoeva palettes (if you haven’t and you are curious you can find it here. There are tons of goodies to look at here, not just Zoeva Palettes). I am really fond of their packaging. It is so sleek and easy to store, and since they are quite compact I feel confident about traveling with them without them breaking. There is no mirror, which off course is a drawback for some of you, but that helps to keep the packaging so slim.


The inside is sooo pretty too. Not just the pretty decor and delicate gold detailing, but the inside also reveals the gorgeous selection of shades.

The shades are mostly shimmers, except one shade (the red) which is almost matte. The obvious thing about this palette is that it needs a companion, a sister palette, to create a full look with this palette. You do lack a base shades, crease shades or that dark matte do deepen the look.

You can however use this palette for simple daytime looks. This palette is filled with those easy going one-and-done eyeshadows where you can just put one of them on as a lid shade, blend out the edges and run off to work. So in that matter this is really great for every day of you are one of those who likes a wash of shimmery lid color o\on your eyes and call it a day. I found that except form the red, the blue and the really dark purple all the other shades are prefect one-and-done shades.

But, the shades that drawn me in can offer something more exciting if you want to get adventurous. The red and the blue are standout shades that offers the possibility to create really different, bold and unique looks.


The quality of the shades are very true to Zoevas usual great quality. The metallics are very rich and buttery, and easy to work with. There are no true mattes in the palette. The closest you will get it the red shades, with has a slight pearl finish when swatch, but basically looks matte on the eyes.


Overall I find this to be a very pretty piece, bot inside and outside. If you love soft metallics I think this will definitely be a hit!



21 thoughts on “Zoeva Opulence Eyeshadow Palette – Review & Swatches!

  1. Rebecca Allatt

    The packaging is super pretty, I love the Zoeva palettes and will definitely be putting this one on my to buy list. Great swatches and review! x


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