February Beauty and Makeup Hauls!

I wanted to start a new blogpost series again here. I notice that a lot of the bloggers I follow frequently post haul posts, and I adore reading them. However, for my own blog I want to create content and not just share my purchases, so I didn’t want to clutter up my posts with haul posts too often.

So I figured that collecting all my hauls for one month on one post would be better. Then my blogs won’t (hopefully) be just boring and repetitive, but you can still have a look at what I picked up.

This is also your chance to shout out what you want reviews on. So if you see something you are really curious about just let me know! If I know I have a product people are eager to know about it will for sure pop high up on the priority list. After all, this blog is not much without you lovely readers, so let me know if something catch your fancy!


Lets start out with some necessities I got! The Emma S treatment enzyme peel is a repurchase of an old friend, and it already got a well deserved mention in my February favorites post. The Eyelure lashglue I picked up because I needed a new and wanted to try something elsa than the Duo one. I was also running out of mascara and picked up L’Oreal Paradise Extatic and Maybelline Total Temptation. Both good drugstore mascaras. The NIP + FAB Glycolic Daily Cleansing Pads I got because I was curious, and the L’Oreal Brow Artist Expert Pencil I got because I was completely out of my NYX Microbrow. The Maybelline Gigi Hadid lip kit “Lani”  was on sale. Need I say more?


A little mini MakeupGeek haul from the MakeupGeek website. Three beautiful shades: Boo Berry, Pegasus and Dragonfly. In addition I picked up one more shade from their Plush Matte Liquid Lipstick  formula, because I really like it. This is the shade Goody-Two-Shoes but I did already own Marriage Material which is a favorite of mine.


This Milani Hypnotic Lights Highlighter in  the shade 03 Luster Light was actually more of a January haul, but since I live in Norway getting things you ordered can easily take 2-4 weeks. It it a patience game!


These guys I was really lucky to grab second hand. So I got 19 shadows including the customizable palettes for next to nothing. That was just perfect since I was planning on expanding my Inglot collection this year anyway! Very happy with the shades too since I love greens and blues, and I always know how to get some use out of more neutral shades like the one in the 10 pan palette.


The KissMe Liquid Lipstick subscription has become a regular monthly thing now. In February I got a Nice gloss “Flirt”, in addition to two liquid lipsticks in the shades “Valentine” and “Secret Admirer”.


Also a few Morphe brushes with the numbers R7, R14 and R39. I feel like I am constantly adding new brushes, but always have too few of them still. Especially eyebrushes are a problem, because if I got some extra time one evening and want to create several looks for my Instagram or blog I usually find that I have to quit because I run out of clean brushes rather than running out of time and creativity. So I hope to get enough brushes soon so that I will be able to use my time better and create more looks in a row, instead of waiting for my brushes to dry in between looks. I am living proof that you never have too many blending brushes, so adding one more to the collection felt good!

The other two I use for blush and powder.


I also find that every month I run out of some sort of skincare item. I picked up the Scinic Snail Matrix Cream to replace the face moisturizer I have at work (I run to work every morning and have a shower there so I have some skincare and makeup stashed up there to get ready in the morning). It was about time because I ran out of my old moisturizer just a few days after getting this in the mail. The Secret Key Rose Floral Softening Toner was purchased to replace my evening toner, also this one I just managed to get before running out of my old. Perfect timing! Lastly I have become slightly addicted to sheet masks and eye patches so I picked up this Koelf Ruby Bulgarian Rose Eyepatches to try out.


And off course, no month is complete without a Colourpop order. I do actually order a small parcel from Colourpop every month. It is just so cheap and generally good quality. I picked up two new Supernova Shadows in “Now or Never” and “Prelude”, and I could naturally not resist their new highlighter palette In-Nude-Endo either.

And that’s it for February. I feel like I did a good job. I picked up mainly things I needed to replace or stuck to affordable products, so I haven been splurging this month I think. I didn’t want to buy too much new stuff because I wanted to play with the stuff I already have. Since I started my project pan I have actually been thinking more through if I should pick up something or not. After all my goal is to finish some products and that will never happen if I drown in new things to test out and review. But on the other hand I need some new stuff to keep this blog interesting right? Overall, I think I did pretty decent this month with not buying a lot of unnecessary stuff.

Did you pick up something nice for yourself lately?



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