Kiss Me Liquid Lipstick Subscription – February 2018!

Time for another review of the lipstick bundle from the Liveglam Liquid Lipstick subscription. Since this month is from February it is with a valentines days theme. So they mixed up their regular packaging and this month the cap and details are baby pink instead of rose gold. There are even little hearts on the top of the cap as a nice finishing touch. Cute!


The shade selection is also of the more romantic kind. There is one clear gloss with golden shimmer, on bright barbie pink matte lip, and one darker fuchsia pink matte lip.


Valentine is the matte barbie pink shade. I am a bit scared of shades like this. Barbie pinks tend to age me and make my teeth look yellow, which is not my usual go-to look. Especially mattes seem to be particularly hard to pull of for me. I can do some pink tones, but the barbie kind don’t agree with me. I decided to try it anyway (you can switch up shades before they arrive if you want) since for me this is what the subscription is all about: Trying things you would not normally try. And I was very pleasantly surprised with Midnight last month (read here).

Valentine turned out to be better than I though. I can pull it off, but I need a lipline and a nice face base, but overall it is not too bad. The pink is actually very pretty so if you are one of those lucky people who won’t get horse teeth from barbie pinks this will probably be a hit.

It is also true to the usual Liveglam formula. Pigmented, comfortable, smells delicious and lasts for around 5-6 hours.

Flirt is the gloss. I was excited about this because I only received one gloss while I had this subscription before and that was in my very first bundle in October 2017 (read about my first experience here). I was hoping this would not have the same texture as the October one, and luckily it didn’t. It is actually a very smooth and comfortable lip gloss formula, and it does not feel sticky at all. I almost feels like a fluid lip balm. So I really like the comfy-ness of the gloss. Shade is pretty standard. Clear gloss with fine milled gold shimmer that is barely visible. Not a spectacular shade, but definitely pretty and something that will be used since it fits every look and every occasion.

Secret Admirer was the shade that got my attention the most. These are the kind of pinks I can wear and feel good in! Maybe it is more of a berry when I think about it. Anyway, this was sadly a bit streaky, and I had to work a bit to get a nice result. It definitely needed two layers to look even. I am OK with that, I can put a bit of effort into it when a color is as pretty as this. It does not last as well as they usually to either though. Around 4 hours and this guy had enough. It is still wearable and a ve5ry pretty shade. It is just not as good as they usually are.


I think the lippie I will get the most use out of from this bundle is actually Flirt just because it is so universal and easy to wear.


I will probably wear Secret Admirer too, but only when I know I have time to do that extra effort, and that I will be able to find a mirror and properly re-apply after some hours. The shade did look very flattering on me, so since I love the color so much (and I actually don’t think I have something similar) it is worth that little extra baby-sitting when applying.


Still not too sure about Valentine though. I have a hard time shaking off the horse-teeth fear, but it did look nice.

One thing that I did try and I found super pretty was to just wear them all at once. Yep, that’s what I did. With Secret Admirer all over the lip, a bit op Valentine in the center and the gloss on top then I ended up with a more than decent ombré lip. I actually think that was my favorite way to wear this bundle.

I had a sneak peak on what’s coming in March and I am telling you that if browns and orange are your think it is worth checking out!



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