My Makeup Collection 2018: Eyeshadow Palettes!

This is the part I have been most excited about, because like any makeup junkie, I have a severe weakness for eyeshadow palettes. So I am so excited to show you the things in my collection that I treasure the most!


Lets start with my Too Faced palettes:

  • Too Faced Chocolate Bar
  • Too Faced Smoky Eye
  • Too Faced Romantic Eye
  • Too Faced Matte Eye
  • Too Faced Summer Eye
  • Too Faced Naked Eye

These cardboard palettes are too old, but I can’t make myself part with them. They are almost nostalgic too me, and gives me so many memories. I think I will keep these to the bitter end.


  • Certifeye The Tropical Wonders Palette
  • Juvia’s Place The Magic Palette
  • Juvia’s Place Zulu Palette
  • Morphe X Jacklyn Hill Palette
  • NYX Ultimate Brights Palette
  • Sigma Paris Palette
  • Cargo Lumières Du Monde Palette
  • Sephora Storylook Palette Cinderella

Looking at a bunch of bright colorful palettes like this makes me so happy and inspired! Juvia’s Place really impressed me this year and I will for sure add some more of their palettes to my collection soon.


  • Zoeva Rose Gold
  • Zoeva Matte
  • Zoeva Sweet Glamour
  • Zoeva Rodeo Belle
  • Zoeva Metals
  • Zoeva Opulence
  • Zoeva Smoky
  • Zoeva Blanc Fusion
  • Zoeva Cocoa Bland
  • Zoeva Caramel Melange
  • Zoeva En Taupe
  • Zoeva Offline
  • Zoeva Matte Spectrum

You think I like Zoeva palettes? You are absolutely right. The fact that they are sleek and so practical to store makes it kind of easy just to get “one more palette”. I love the quality as well. After all this was one of my top three affordable brands in 2017, mainly for their palettes.


While we are talking about affordable palettes lets not forget about Colourpop!

  • Colourpop Golden State Of Mind.
  • Colourpop Element of Surprise
  • Colourpop Fem Rosa
  • Colourpop All I See Is Magic
  • Colourpop Yes Please
  • Colourpop My Little Pony
  • Colourpop I Think I Love You

I have become a big fan of these little guy, and I actually happen to have two more in shipping as we speak. Hope they arrive soon!


  • Bh Cosmetics Illuminate By Ashley Tisdale Beach Goddess
  • Bh Cosmetics Carly Bybel
  • Kiko Color Fever Must Have Eyeshadow Palette – Elegant tones
  • Kiko Color Fever Must Have Eyeshadow Palette – Spohisticated Neutrals
  • The Balm Nude Tude.
  • Lorac Pro
  • Smashbox Shapematters Palette
  • Clinique Eyes To Go
  • The Balm Meet Matt(e) Ador
  • The Balm Meet Matt(e) Nude
  • The Balm Meet Matt(e) Trimony
  • Paula Dorf Palette (no name written on it)


  • Jeffree Star Androgyny Palette
  • Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette
  • Tarte Tarteist Pro
  • Anastasia Modern Renaissance
  • Anastasia Prism
  • Tarte Make Belive In Yourself
  • Tarte Tartelette
  • Tarte Tartelette Toasted
  • Tarte Buried Treasures

I love all these brands, not only for their eyeshadows, but just as much for the rest of their selevtion. Must 2018 be filled with new goodies from all these beloved brands!


  • Natasha Denona 28 Eyeshadow Palette Brown Green
  • Natasha Denona Lila Palette
  • Natasha Denona Sunset Palette
  • Huda Beauty Desert Dusk
  • Huda Beauty  Rose Gold
  • Makeup Revolution Life on The Dancefloow Guestlist

The Natasha Denona palettes are the most treasured of them all! Not on ly because I spent a S***tload of money on them, but because these eyeshadows have a formula that for me personally are perfection. I don’t want then any other way!


Finally, My Urban Decay Collection:

  • Urban Decay Naked Heat
  • Urban Decay Ultimate Basics
  • Urban Decay The Wizard of Oz Theodora
  • Urban Decau Book Of Shadows IV
  • Urban Decay Naked Smoky
  • Urban Decay Naked 3
  • Urban Decay Afterdark
  • Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette
  • Urban Decay Naked 2
  • Urban Decay Gwen Stefani
  • Urban Decay – Palette with no name
  • Urban Decay Naked
  • Urban Decay Book of Shadows III
  • Urban Decay – Palette with no name
  • Urban Decay – Palette with no name

Urban Decay used to have this bad habit of not writing the name on the palette on the actual palettes. So now, many years later I can’t even remember their names to save my own life! If any of you can remember any of the names of the old guys in the bottom right corner I would love to know!

This is my collection of bigger palettes, but as you may have seen before I’ve already posted my collection of smaller palettes, so this post is all about those eyeshadow palettes with more than 6 shades.

Turns out I have 77 of these big palettes. A reasonably large collection I will say. but I am after all a real junkie when it comes to these palettes!

Hope you enjoyed having a look at what I have!





25 thoughts on “My Makeup Collection 2018: Eyeshadow Palettes!

    1. Thank you! 😊 Zoeva palettes are one of mye really big favorites too 😊 I really like how sleek they are and easy to store. I try to make some usage out of all my palettes as well as using all the shades. I love seeing usage aswell. My goal is to hit pan in at least one shadow of four selected palettes 😊

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  2. My Lord this is a massive collection, I completely understand this as I love collecting palettes. I have had to declutter many of mine as some just go unused and I am running out of space. 😔


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