My Makeup Collection 2018: Eyeshadow Pans!

Here comes another one of the posts featuring parts of my makeup collection. I already posted a blog post about my small eyeshadow palette collection and you can have a look at it here. If you are more into blushes I also got a collection post featuring all my blush-goodies as well.

But today it is all about those small little pans so many of us love to collect and put into different magnetic palettes. I have been collecting on and of for over 10 years (gasp!). Sometimes it takes years between every time I pick up something new, and other times, like when Colourpop had buy 1 get 1 free I snagged 10.

Considering how many years I’ve collected I don’t really have that many though. Off course some of them had to be thrown because they are old, but this is a result of years of gabbing a shade here and there.

Lets take them by brand to make it a bit easier.


Makeupgeek was like sent from heaven when they first launched. Back then MAC was the one and only brand, but the cost of one shade was actually almost double the cost of what they are today. That’s why so many got over excited when MakeupGeek launced amazing single pans for only 6$ each!

I remember MakeupGeek was the first brand I really fell in love with, and it has a special place in my heart because I have been able to follow the brand since the very beginning. So these shadows will always have a special sentimental value to me. I don’t pick up new shades that often, I think I picked up maybe 6 shades through 2017. But, I am sure this collection will keep growing.





Nabla Cosmetics:

This brand was a new discovery last year. It is a nice affordable Italian indie brand with a small but nice line of makeup. They have larger sized pans than say Colourpop, MakeupGeek and MAC, so they have their own magnetic palette that fits 12 or 6 shades each.


These shadows are good quality, and they even have some excellent mattes. Fahrenheit has been a big favorite since I got it and Caramel and Paprika is not far behind!

BeautyBay recently started stocking these so I am very happy about having them more available. I consider the perk “free shipping” as being more available.


Thes shadows are so good, and seem to be adored by so many professionals. I decided to start my Inglot collection many years ago, bought a small bunch, and the forgot about them. I really want to expand this collection throughout this year. Secretly I have been having a goal of keeping them in 20-pan palettes with one palette with blues and greens, one with pinks and oranges, one with browns and so on.

Maybe I will get the chance to work a bit on this part of my collection. But so far, this is what I have:


MAC Cosmetics:

Finally, the iconic MAC pans. If you where into makeup 10 + years ago and saw the early beginning of makeup-youtubers you remember that this was THE eyeshadows  to use, own and collect.

This is also a collection I want to expand, and my goal is to get 4 palettes filled with shadows (that makes 15 in each with the inserts).


I got my first finished palette already. I now just need some inserts and pick and choose the right colors to compliment the rest I own. I would be so happy for suggestions!



I want one 15-palette with blue and greens, and one palette with yellow, orange, pink, purple and reds. So I miss 5 in the blue/green and 5 in the other (Fig 1. and Beauty Marked form the next picture would be in a purple/pink/orange palette).


Finally, I want to make one more palettes with neutral and brown tones. Here I lack 7 shades.

So to complete my collection I need 5 shades with blue or green tones, 5 shades that are either pink, red, purple, orange or pink. Finally I would need 7 more shades in the brown/neutral shade range. If you see any shades I am missing please leave them in the comments! I would love to get some feedback, so maybe I can complete my MAC collection during 2018.

What brand has your favorite pan shadows?








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