Natasha Denona Lila Palette – Swatches and Review!


Natasha Denona released a beautiful but expensive palette (again) with the Lila palette. You know, something different for a neutral warm-toned palette.


I won’t dwell on weather or not I think the palette is worth the price. We all know they are crazy expensive, and I already discussed if I think it is worth it or not in my Natasha Denona Sunset palette review which you can read here. So lets just have a Natasha Denona review where we just enjoy the palette and don’t worry about the price, shall we?

First of all: Love the packaging. Simple design with a nice purple shade. It feels heavy and luxurious and the pan size is decent. It has magnetic closing, and a large mirror. The black background on the inside is also easy to clean when needed. A+ for packaging!

I love the color-selection, and I do feel the shades are true to the usual Natasha Denona quality. So, if you like purples and browns this is definitely worth an extra look! Lets talk about the shades one by one!


Per Se – This one appear as a matte medium-toned dusty grey purple in the pan but it is so much more brown on my skin. I wish this shade was more true to color, beauce I like to be able to see the shade I will get in the pan and not have a transformation as soon as it’s on my lids. The quality however is nicely pigmented, smooth and easy to blend but does kick up a tiny bit of dust.

Viola – Berry pink toned purple with a pearly sheen. The texture is a bit dense compared to other ND pearls, but the pigmentation is definitely there and payoff on the lid is rich and vibrant.

Amara – Medium toned matte brown with red tones. Super smooth and glides on like butter. Very opaque!

Cyclone – Rosy coppery brown with metallic finish. Opaque color, but slightly less metallic on the lid.

Nude Vino – Warm matte brown. Another smooth, buttery matte but also this appears a bit darker on the lid than in the pan. Blends like a dream for being such a dark matte!


Layla – Dark cool brown with aubergine undertones and pearl finish. Very pigmented and easy to work with.

Amethyst – Vibrant dark purple with some shimmer in it. Needed a little bit of work to build up no full intensity, but well worth it.

Magentic – Metallic, bright fuchsia pink. Very nice pigmentation, but appeared a bit less metallic on the lid.

Magnolia – Warm metallic gold. Rich, creamy and pigmented. Just a lovely shade!

Nude Mauve – Cool-toned matte light brown. Really nice as a transition or crease shade since it blends like butter.


Juneau – Soft beige pink shimmer. Beautiful as an inner corner or brow-bone highlight.

Livid – Brownish purple metallic. Very smooth and pigmented and blends very easy.

Purpure – Coppery red with high shine metallic finish. A tiny bit more dry than some of the other metallics but still good!

Dragon Bite – red coppery base with a gold-green shift. The shade appears much lighter on the eyes and swatched on the arm than what it does in the pan. In the pan it reminds me of MAC blue-brown pigment or MakeupGeek Utopia, but applied it is much more red. It does have the coolest name in the palette! I think this one is really really pretty!

Helio – Warm taupe metallic. Amazingly smooth and easy to blend. Stunning shade!

I am probably a bit biased, because with previous experience with Natasha Denona eyeshadows I have come to realize that they actually have my favorite formula of matte eyeshadows. And the shimmers and metallics are not far behind at all! Quality is unmatched in my opinion.

The composition of the shades is very appealing, but even though it does not look like your typical everyday palette at first glance there are plenty of browns and neutral shimmers to create daytime-looks with. Composition-wise you may argue that it lacks a nice base shade, and a dark matte, and I will agree with you. But on the other hand I don’t need that in every single palette I own (that’s what Urban Decay Ultimate Basics are for!) and I would not want to switch out any of these gorgeous shades for a boring matte beige or black.

I am very happy that I decided to grab this palette, and I absolutely love it!



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