Recent beauty and makeup empties


Time for another post featuring products I’ve finished lately. For the sake of my readers (and for the sake of me) I try to do these more frequently to keep these posts a bit shorter to read (and to write). So I keep the number of products limited.

It seems like these posts are quite popular judging by the number of you deciding to take a peak at the post so I hope you find them interesting to read. I am always very happy to see that people took their time to read. Maybe empties posts tend to be popular because the most thorough reviews are done when I actually managed to finish the products and test them out properly.


So lets start off with some facial cleansers!

18. Its Skin Citron Cleansing Foam: This one smells like sweet citron caramels. Yummy! I quite enjoyed this K-Beauty cleanser. It did the job without leaving my skin stripped from moisture, and it felt soft and clean afterwards. I would not mind buying this one again since it did the job good enough, but at the same time it didn’t blow my mind. So I am also quite happy to test out some other cleansers before running out and repurchasing again. Although I am not of an instant need to get a new one, I would happily recommend it.

19. Cosrx Low PH Morning Gel Cleanser: Again, this one did the job well. My skin felt nice and clean. It was a bit waist-full since it didn’t foam and I felt I had to use quite a bit of it every time, but my skin felt nice and comfortable afterwards. I found it a bit boring since it didn’t have any scent to it, but for some this may be a preference.


20. Innisfree Green Tea Moisture Cleansing Oil: This one removes makeup really easy. Great on those stubborn liquid lipsticks or waterproof eyeliners. The scent is nice and clean, and I appreciate how efficient it works. I won’t be repurchasing this again though because I am wearing lenses and felt like my vision got blurred for quite some time after using this. Besides that issue the product works great! Bonus for the handy pump bottle.


21. Schwarzkopf Got2B Dry Shampoo: This one is the second of the pair of dry shampoo I got on sale. I am happy to see this go though because it didn’t do much for me. I prefer the Batiste dry shampoos that gives the hair some volume and texture. This one did soak up some excess oil in my hair, but it also left it flat. It didn’t work to well for my dark brown hair either since it gave one heck of a white cast. I will just stick to Batiste for another while.


22. Esteè Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Flawless Wear Concealer – Light 01: If you want a really long wear concealer this one is worth checking out. I find the coverage to be medium, at least after getting to know Shape Tape, but it covers what I need nicely (I don’t have very dark circles, just a little shadow under there I want to cover a bit and brighten). This one is fairly creaseless. When I both it the sales lady in the store insisted that you didn’t need a powder to set this. I am not so sure about that, but I agree that you only need a tiny amount to avoid the concealer settling into lines. When wearing this you better make sure your foundation is long wearing as well, because this guy goes nowhere. I once did the misstake of wearing it together with a BB Cream that faded after a few hours, making my oner eye look very overdone compared to the rest of my face. But if you want something long-wearing, this is for you!

23. NYX Super Skinny Marker: A felt tip eyeliner with a super fine and precise tip. It did not bleed and I managed to do some pretty detailed graphic liner work with this guy. The downside is that after one advanced look where I had to spend some time working with it, the product was dried up and useless. With a lifespan of barely a month I didn’t find this to be worth the affordable price-tag. Won’t repurchase this again.

24. Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio – Brown Eyes: I don’t have brown eyes, but I did want a brown eyeliner and that’s why I got this trio of eyeliners (the black and purple are not finished yet though). It is not as pigmented as I wanted it to be, but I managed to finish it using it for simple everyday looks where intense pigmentation is not the biggest priority. Won’t repurchase this because I am convinced there are better brown eyeliners out there.

So, I guess not an empties post filled with favorites since I won’t repurchase most of these. The only one I am certain about repurchasing shortly is the concealer. I guess all products can’t be hits, but I am pretty pleased with finding ways to finish of products even though I have bigger favorites in my collection.

If you know any of these products I would love to hear your thought in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by and reading, as always it is highly appreciated!



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