Colourpop Element of Surprise – Review and Swatches!

I have to be honest. I bought this palette because I am a collector, I like the Colourpop formula, and it is cheap. I was not particularly drawn to the shades. I though I had something similar to each shade in my collection, so I didn’t think I was getting something special. A pretty palette to play with, but nothing that would blow my mind. Boy, was I wrong!


I mean, when you look at it you just see some nice neutrals, some burgundies, some nice metallic lid shades and a pop of pink. But I promise you, a lot of these shades are really unique!


As usual with the Colourpop palettes the names are printed on the back. As usual I would prefer them to be underneath each shadow, but I guess this is just one of the things that keeps the price-point low. And I sure appreciate the low cost! So a picture with the backside showing shadow names just have to suffice. I swatched the shades from left to right one row at the time.


Feels – Well, lets just start off with a disappointment after all the initial bragging! This swatch took ages to build up. The shade is more like a sheer duo-chrome shimmer but it doesn’t really show up.

Late Night – Metallic duo-chrome copper. Nice and buttery shade. A bit of fallout but I usually find that this easily happens with Colourpops metallics since they sometimes tend to be a bit chunky. It was not much though, and the shade is a really pretty lid shade that applies smoothly.

Silk Street – This was the first shade that surprised me! This matte deep purple-fuchia is so much more than I expected from looking at it in the pan. It so rich and smooth and just lovely!

Rayon – Golden coral with a green duo-chrome! This is another surprising shade because you cant really tell the shade from pictures, but it is very unique. Not very highly pigmented. It looks more like a duo-chrome eyeshadow topper.

Go With The Flow – Matte peachy base shade. Creamy and semi-pigmented. Perfect at an all over lid base.

Subdue – Metallic lavender with blue-green duo-chrome. Another shade that is not shown justice in pictures. It just looks like that regular, shimmery lavender shade but it is so much more! Again, this shade is quite sheer and seems more like a topper. Looks surprisingly nice topped over Silk Street or Blank Canvas.

Opulent – The pop of the palette. Bright fuchia pink with blue undertones and metallic sheen. Very pigmented shade. Applies very smooth and easy on the lid and packs a punch.

Labyrinth – Matte pinkish brown. Nice crease shade. True to the usual matte formula from Colourpop. Pigmented, smooth, a bit loosely pressed.

Blank Canvas – Deep matte maroon. This one is my favorite of the palette both in terms of color and quality. The shadow is just nothing short of amazing!

Sea Stars – This is a medium tones warm brown. It also exist as a single eyeshadow which I happen to own already. Soft, pigmented, easy to blend shadow.

Details – Dark matte burgundy brown with flecks of glitter. The glitter don’t show up as much on the eyes as I wish and you get a bit of fallout. Not my favorite shade in the palette.

Peace of Mind – Reddish copper with metallic finish. Smooth, creamy and pigmented.

A few of the shades in this palette are clearly eyeshadow-toppers or meant to be just a faint wash of glimmery shadow to your lids. I think with the exception of the first shade in the palette “Feels” they all work well for their purpose. The rest of the shades, especially the mattes are excellent. I was completely blown away with both “Silk Street” and “Blank Canvas” with the last being my clear favorite of them all.

The quality of these shadows are definitely there, and a lot of them surprised me with the beauty they display in real life. If you like red tones this palette is a must have for sure, because surprisingly I am in love with it, even though I initially though it would not be anything special. The burgundies and red tones are very easy to blend, and really raised the whole impression palette. If you are into these kind of shades this is absolutely worth picking up. My favorite palette from Colourpop so far is still “I think I love you” but this one is not that far away.



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