KissMe Liquid Lipstick Subscription – Janyary 2018.

Due to packaging arriving weeks later then normal after Christmas I didn’t receive my January lipstick subscription until the end of the month, and since I needed some time to properly test the quality of this months lipstick this review had to be a bit delayed.

Even though this is from the January subscription bundle I have to underline that it is possible to get your hands on past bundles if you are a member, because you can easily switch one of the lipsticks (or the whole set) from upcoming bundles if they contain shades you know you want use, or you can simply buy them with points you collect from being a subscriber. So even though you want get this exact bundle anymore in the next delivery, they are possible to get.


The packaging for the January bundle now have returned to their normal frosted glass and rose gold details, which I love. The packaging looks to be a step above the price-point, and I guess we can all appreciate some high-end packaging for drugstore cost.

Anyway, I was really excited to get this bundle because of the shade Midnight. That is a shade I would absolutely not buy on my own initiative, but I was still curious to test it out to see what they looked like. The January Bundle also contained a warm-toned orangy red “Goals”, and a rose gold metallic lipstick “Sequins”


Midnight, a grey matte with brown undertones, was much more flattering than expected. It was a statement color, but still not too far away from some of my coll-toned brown nudes so I befriended this shade pretty quickly. Surprisingly enough I would not mind at all wearing this in public, even though I initially though that this would be a shade I was not comfortable wearing uotside the house. It was just surprisingly wearable.

The texture and pigmentation was true to the usual KissMe liquid Lipsticks. Comfortable, pigmented and fairly transfer proof.

Usually these lipsticks last me around 6+ hours, and that includes a beverage and a non-greasy meal.  But this one did not have that much longevity. I found that after 4 hours I got that famous butt hole-lip with the inner part of the lipstick wearing off. Due to the nature of the color it was very visible. I could just reapply without making the lipstick feel goopy, so it was not a big issue but beware that this shade is not as long-lasting as they usually are.

Goals is  beautiful bright red with orange tones, and I found the shade to be both fun and flattering. I bet I will reach for this a lot and this is probably the lipstick out of this bundle I will get the most use out of, even though I was kind of mesmerized my midnight’s unique nature. Goals is just a pretty, bright and wearable red. This one is more true to the usual quality of these lipsticks, and I had it on or 7 hours before removing it. By that time it was even on the lips but started to look a bit crunchy if that makes sense. You know the way really long-lasting lipsticks looks after many hours. It is not fresh even though it is still on the lips. It did however look great until 6 hours had passed.

Sequins, the metallic rose gold, was maybe the most long-lasting off them all. After a full 8 hours it was still on, and it had to sustain a fair amount of beverages during that time. The shade still looked nice and even. Since it is a metallic it did emphasize every line, texture and crevice it could find on my lips, and I bet it would enhance any dry spot. If you are blessed with nice lips, the shade is very pretty, but if you have aged or dry lips I think this would not be the most flattering shade. But off course, you rock any lipstick you feel like rocking! If you feel awesome chances are you look the same.

I think I will use this again. but I will pair it with a clear gloss to avoid it emphasizing texture.


Once again I am happy with the bundle. It is not my favorite month but I enjoyed all shades and the quality of them, and despite some minor issues I will continue wearing all of these.

I had this subscription now since October, and I get just more and more excited about them every month because I really found some stunning new favorites among them. So I would highly recommend this subscription to any liquid lipstick lover.




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