Which Matt(e) should you meet? – An overview of the Meet Matt(e) palettes from The Balm!

I love The Balm! I just had to get it out there. I may seem a bit over enthusiastic but the brand is just so quirky and cute. I adore their packaging, cartooning desings and funny puns they put on them. I’ve tried everything from blushers, bronzers, highlighers and shadows.


Withing their line they have a series of eyeshadow palettes containing a range of nude eyeshadows and a very date-able man on the front. So which one of these guys should you bring home? Let me present your Matt(e) options for you so you can find your perfect Matt(ch).


First, let me present Meet Matt(e) Ador! As the name implies you get a palette with matte shades only. This palette has 9 shades with a total weight of 21.6 g. Lookfantastic sells this palette for 39£ so it is quite pricey for a cardboard palette even though you get a lot of shadows in it.

Matt(e) Ador can offer you a nice selection of browns. There is a good base shade, some nice transition shades, and some darker shades to vamp up a look, or simply just use as a liner along the lash-line. I have been enjoying making a very neutral look with it and creating an either dark green, dark blue or black eyeliner with the shadows in the bottom row.


I would say pigmentation is medium to sheer with these shades. That is not usually what I go for with palettes I want to do creative looks with, but I found it very appropriate in a palette intended for neutral and work friendly looks. They are just much easier and more foolproof to work with when you don’t have to be overly careful with them.


Next Matt(e) is Meet Matt(e)Nude. I like nude mattes. This one is nice since it’s got both cool toned and warm toned shades. It has a nice white matte highlighter, and also some dark shades to smudge along the lash-line. I even found a decent brow shade in this palette. Only thing I feel is missing is a good all-over-lid-shade because  Matt Lombardi is too yellow for that purpose on me.


I actually thing that the overall quality of the shades are a bit better in Nude than in Ador. They are a bit more pigmented, and a bit smoother to apply. So unless you really prefer the Ador shade selection, I would say that Nude is a stronger bring-me-home-candidate.


The last Matt(e) in the trio is Meet Matt(e) Trimony. This one has a beautiful selection on pink and burgundy shades. This palette has it all in my opinion. A nice base shade, lid shades, a selection of different crease shades and shades to darken up the look or use as a liner. This is actually the only one of the palettes that I feel has it all. In addition to that pinks and burgundies makes my blue eyes pop. So when a Matt(e) has everything I need and make me pop than obviously that is the Matt(e) for me. Clearly, this one is my favorite of the three!


The pigmentation is medium, but the shadows apply smooth an evenly.


Overall, these are nice palette for that Matt(e) neutral everyday look. The shadows are pretty easy to use so great for those busy mornings when you don’t have many minutes to spare. The shadows are similar in consistency as matte shadows from Smashbox. A bit on the dryer side, and fairly firmly pressed. I experienced a bit of kickback in the pan, but next to no fallout.

The sleek cardboard packaging makes it easy to store, and sturdy enough to travel with.

Hope this post could help you finding your perfect Matt(e). For me personally Matt(e) Trimony wins the race, but you may have different prefereces?

Let me know which Matt(e) you would like to bring home? Or maybe he already lives with you? I am curious so please leave a not in the comments!



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