Makeup Revolution Life On The Dance Floor Guest List – Review and Swatches!

My first ever Makeup Revolution palette! I like the brand, I’ve ordered a lot from them, but like with most drugstore brands there are both hits and misses within the line. Since I have a fairly large collection of high-end palettes I was never really tempted that much to try a good-for-being-drugstore palette, but I got drawn in by the glittery and glamorous packaging.


I tend to be quite picky on eyeshadows. I tend to be much more forgiving when giving my verdict on blush, bronzers or lip-products because I kind of like many different formulas and can make a lot of different things work for me. But I have more than 100 eyeshadow palettes in my collection. So I guess I’ve tried really a lot of different brands and formulas and I know very well what I think is a good eyeshadow or not. Unfortunately, more often than not I tend to not really fancy drugstore eyeshadows all that much. So I rarely even get tempted to but them. They are often good enough and gets the job done, but rarely amazing.


But, I am hardcore digging the rose gold glitter packaging and the shade range in this one so I figured it was time to try out the Makeup Revolution eyeshadow formula. Good formula or not, the shadows are a joy to look at!

I like the packaging. It is plastic, but seems sturdy. It has a huge mirror, and the glitter front looks really sparkly and nice. You can feel a bit of texture, but it is not sharp or gritty like glitter packaging can be. So the packaging gives a nice impression.


The shades have names, but they are printed on a plastic sheet inserted loose in the palette. I prefer that they write the names under the shades on the actual palette, but lest be real here, there is no space for shade names because the whole palette is packed with eyeshadow. So a lot of product for your buck.


So here you see the first two rows together. My first thought was that these shades are actually decent in pigmentation. Some of them have medium opacity, most of them actually, and a few are quite pigmented at first brushstroke. So not bad. Shadow don’t have to be super pigmented as long as they are build-able and blend-able!

The shadows are a bit loosely pressed, so I did get some kickback in the pan. I did think all shades were easy to blend! The shimmers need a little spritz of setting spray to pop properly, but they work nicely then and you can pack them on. The amount of fallout was normal. There was a bit of it, especially with the darker shades, but kicking excess off the brush would get rid of the problem almost entirely.

These two rows have mainly orange tones with a few pink an neutral exceptions. Some of the shades can look a bit similar and almost monochromatic on the eyes. So I do think this palette could have a few shades less, and still be just as versatile.


This next swatch picture are of the two bottom rows, swatched from left to right. These rows have more warm browns, burgundies and dark mattes.

Lets just state the obvious here. They look quite patchy. Worst thing is that I actually worked to try to make them look nice, but they just appeared a bit uneven. They do perform better on the eyes though. Not super pigmented, but absolutely do-able and I didn’t have any issues blending them. The dark shades worked nicely to deepen up the look and looked great on the eyes.


Also on these two bottom rows some shades appear a bit similar, especially when blended out on the eyes.

I guess I can say the same thing that I’ve heard over and over again in Makeup Revolution palette reviews. They are not the greatest palette in my collection, but I definitely like it and I enjoyed the looks I created with it. There are some issues with the shades that you typically find with drugstore eyeshadows, like medium opacity, kickback and maybe not the best swatches.


What this palette does have is a beautiful selection of warm brown and orange shades that are good and easy to work with. If you like the shades I will definitely recommend it, because this is a palette I will pick up again and get good use out of for sure. I am actually tempted to try more eyeshadow palettes from the brand.

Did you try this palette, and what do you think about it? Or maybe you have another palette from the brand that you love and recommend? Let me know!



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