K-Beauty Lipstick Review: Nakeup Face C-Cup Lip Tox-Tick!

Korean beauty have some very exciting products to offer and I often dive into testing a new K-Beauty item that I rarely hear anything about because they usually have a good deal to offer.

The Nakeup Face C-Cup Tox-Tick lipsticks are a new line of lipsticks that I was drawn towards both because of the stunning packaging and what the brand promiss that the lipstick can offer.


According to the brand this lipstick will plump the lips with a patented and safe volufiline, last for 27h with a tattoo like tint, be kiss-proof and contain premium essence ingredients. Big words! Can one lipstick live up to those claims? Well, no not really. But it is a good product!

Let me break down the claims for you. It is supposed to be a plumping lipstick. I don’t see any difference in the size of my lips, which is the case with all lip-plumping products I’ve tried. It does have a minty tingle though. Nothing uncomfortable, but it does nothing to plump my lips.

It does not last for 27 hours either. To be fair I never felt the need for a 27 hour lipstick because I tend to go to bed by the end of the day. It does last for a long time though, and when it fades the tinting properties of the products make it fade away very nice and evenly. Even the bright red fades away nicely so they are very easy and fuzz-free to wear. You can just put them on and not worry too much about tough-ups unless you really want to.

Kiss Mark 01 on top, Stalker 05 on bottom.

I picked two shades. Stalker 05 which is described as a dried rose shades. A nice wearable shade. And Kiss Mark 01 which is a clear red. The shades are pigmented and one swipe is enough to get the opacity I want. They are not transfer proof in the way that they do transfers to cups or glasses while drinking, but you can definitely give your significant other a smooch without sharing the same lip shade afterwards.

Left: Kiss Mark, Right: Stalker.

It feels light-weight on the lips and has a satin almost velvety matte finish. It is filled with rose hip fruit oil, macadamia seed oil, cacao seed butter and jojoba seed oil to nourish the lips while wearing it.

Overall, a very nice luxurious lipstick that wears nicely and for the price of  just 15$ they are a bargain. You also get a beautiful golden packaging that reminds me very much of YSL lipsticks.

If you are thinking about trying out some K-Beauty lipsticks these are a nice one to test out! I will recommend them for sure.

Have you tried any Korean lipsticks you would recommend?



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