Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette Summer Solstice – Review and Swatches!

Since highlighters are one of my biggest weaknesses I have been drooling over the Huda Beauty 3D highlighter palettes for a while. I think they offer something a little bit different when they add a pearlescent creamy formula to work as a glow-from-within highlighting base, and powders to layer on top, hence the 3D name of the palette.


I was not so sure about the packaging for a while. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Huda is a stunningly beautiful woman, but I kind of don’t want her face on the packaging. I initially thought I would not buy the palette at all just because of the design, but as so many times before curiosity got the better of me. And I do like what is inside of it!


For 45$ you get 4 highlighters with a decent amount of product (8 g for the three powder highlighters and 10 g for the melted strobe from what I can figure out). I think the price is fair, but it is definitely high enough to expect a certain quality.


The four shades gives a nice variety in one palette:

Saint-Tropez is the so-called melted strobe cream with a golden sheen. It is easy to apply, and blends nicely on the skin. It is meant to be a base for the other highlighters, but I find it to be a nice, but not too blinding, highlighter on its own.

Malibu is a bronze powder highlighter with gold reflection. I have fair skin and I find it to be a bit too dark for me now during winter months, but it is after all a summer palette so I think it will look nice when I got a bit of a tan. Will look amazing on medium to deep skin!

Copacabana is a nice pink highlight. This one is a powder as well, and it is quite a multitasker. It works on my skin tone both as a blush-topper or a highlighter.

Mykonos is not as scary as it look because of its sheer nature. It is still too much for my pale winter skin, and I am not sure about tanned summer skin either, I will have to test that out. But I really like applying this as a blush, and after that I dab my beauty blender with leftover foundation over it and it gives a beautiful flushed pink glow from within. This is by far my favorite shade of these three simply because it is very unique. And gorgeous…..don’t forget gorgeous!


The quality of all shades are really good. The powders are very buttery and smooth with a slightly dense texture. Applies easily and they are not overly pigmented so they are more wearable than they seem. I also like that these highlighters does not contain any glitter. While some of you may enjoy some glitter to glam up the look, I prefer my highlighters to be without, and if I need them to be intense I prefer a metallic sheen instead of glitter. These highlighters are really nice because they are very controllable. You can just build up the intensity as you want to but you can also wear them more natural, especially the melted strobe shade is very suitable for a wearable look.


I really like that this palette stands out color wise, and that it can offer something a bit different but still easy to wear. I can delicately recommend this palette!



11 thoughts on “Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette Summer Solstice – Review and Swatches!

  1. Wow, Huda Beauty Palettes look so gorgeous. The purple shade looks intimidating to me personally and I don’t quite get coloured highlight but the shimmer is so beautiful! X


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