Natasha Denona Sunset Palette – Swatches and Review!


Natasha Denona eyeshadow palettes are really something else when is comes to price! The eyeshadow-junkie will always find a way to justify the high cost, and the budget minded will always find reasons why an eyeshadow palette can never be worth that much. I guess you can tell which category I represent?

At 129$ a piece the Sunset palette sure is pricey. With a total of 15 shades the cost for each shade is 8.6$, which is not bad at all. But to be real, when you pay for the palette it is those 129$ that burns, not the reasonable price-per-shade cost. So yes, this is way to expensive.


I did not manage to resist though. Mostly because I have one of the 28-shadow palettes from before, and I find the shadows to be nothing less than excellent. Soft, creamy, pigmented, blend-able. Just everything I want in a shadow. So the Sunset palette was an easy choice for me. 15 beautiful shades of my favorite eyeshadow formula is just worth 129$ to me personally.

But lets get on with the good stuff. And with that I mean swatches off course!

From left to right: Atmosphere, Sinai, Ice Gold, Mandarine and Bronzeage.

I have been playing around with all the eyeshadows. Not only swatching them, but also using them on my eyes. I’ve created several makeuplooks and I plan to bring a few of them up on my blog in a post featuring a few looks with this palette. So I got a fairly good impression of how they perform. If you want to see some of the looks I created you can have a look at this post.

The shade descriptions are in the same order as the swatches!

Atmosphere – Pearl finish red-toned copper. Very pigmented and smooth. Easy to apply and attached to the lid nicely even without a primer.

Sinai – Very warm satin terracotta brown. Nice color payoff. Blend effortlessly.

Ice Gold – Metallic white gold. It has tiny pieced of sparkles in it. Nicely pigmented for being such a pale shade. Had a bit off fallout (if I used a lot, not if I used it just as an inner corner highlight). Very nice shade to use as a brow bone or inner corner highlight.

Mandarine – Metallic bright orange with gold shimmer. When I first saw this I thought “Oh, this shade reminds me of mandarines!” and them I read the shade name. Off course I found the name very appropriate. Intense pigmentation, but a bit off fallout.

Bronzage – Metallic medium bronzy brown. Smooth as butter and very richly pigmented. As with so many of Natasha Denonas metallic or glittery eyeshadows this one has quite a bit of fallout. Make sure to do eyes first!

From left to right: Volcano, Aubade, Horizon, Sundazed and Terra.

Volcano – Deep warm reddish-brown with matte finish. Reminds me of chocolate. Very opaque and easy to blend. Just a great matte brown.

Aubade – Warm coppery gold. Metallic shimmer almost foiled finish on the lids. Even thoug it is quite glittery I didn’t have any problems making it stick to my eyes. Really pigmented, and even though I usually wet my brush for these kinds of shades I didn’t have to with this. It does make a bit of a mess in the palette though.

Horizon – Almost matte orange. This is a tiny bit dryer and less pigmented than what I normally experience Natasha Denona shadows to be, so I had to build it up a bit to get the same intensity as in the pan. It is easy to work with and blends nicely so I did actually use it in a lot of different looks even if it is not the most pigmented of the bunch.

Sundazed – Sparkling yellow gold. Smaller glitter than in Aubade, but still it appears a bit chunky at first, almost as it is more loosely pressed. The shade is very rich, but it does have a bit of fallout.

Terra – Semi matte warm toned brown. Almost like a darker version of Sinai. Creamy, pigmented and blends like a dream.

From left to right: Bermuda, Morgana, Panjin, Igneous and Sol.

Bermuda – Light matte peach. Silky smooth shade, that works well as a base or transition shade with the rest of the shades in this palette. Not usually what I would go or as a base shade, but with the color scheme with the rest of the palette it works nicely!

Morgana – Shimmery copper coral. Just so rich. smooth and pigmented. Impressive shade!

Panjin – Matte red. A little bit dryer and less buttery than the usual Natasha Denona matte shadows. But still very build-able and easy to blend color. Can easily work the shade up to high intensity.

Igneous – Dark neutral brown with matte finish. Just another very good matte. Very easy to blend even though it is a darker shade.

Sol – Bright matte yellow. Similar in finish to Panjin. Semi-opaque so needed a bit of work to get that full yellow impact. Fun shade!

Overall it is just such an amazing palette. I know 129 $ is really hard to justify, but when I am working with those incredible matte shades and see how effortless they blend without blending away I really feel that the quality is something else. For this price you may argue that every single shade should be nothing less than perfection, and not all of them are to be honest.

Even if I do find some imperfections this quality is up among the best. The Natasha Denona 28 eyeshadow brown-green palette is hands down the best quality palette I own. This one is not exactly that good, but very very close. So I have no regrets spending this amount of products for a palette.

If you really like the color selection and can afford it I would say go for it, because I fid it very unlikely for people to be disappointment. However, if you find the price-tag to be a bit steep there are palettes out there that can give very similar look. With a nice gold and a copper pigment, the “Yes, please!” palette from Colourpop, and maybe “Burning Hearts” from Sugarpill or “Zulu” from Juvia’s Place you are well on your way of duping any looks you can do with the Sunset palette (and to be fair, all those products combined would still be a lot cheaper).

But, if you appreciate a bit of luxury in your life, the Sunset palette is truly an eyeshadow treasure.



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    1. I guess everyone has to figure out for themselves if they find it worth it. I can totally see why many people would never justify it, but I am loving these shadows πŸ™‚ Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment πŸ™‚

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