Colourpop pressed powder blushes – Review!


I can never turn down a good blush, so when Colourpop released pressed powder blushes I decided to build a palette with them even before I tested them out. I was THAT sure that I would be pleased with the quality so I just jumped right in! I mean, their pressed powder eyeshadows are great, so I was sure they would be able to cook up a nice blush too!

Colourpop blush to the left. MakeupGeek blush to the right.

Each blush holds 7 grams. So I put it next to a Makeupgeek blush just to give you an idea of the size (they hold 4.25 g). So you get a lot of products with for the 7$ you pay for them. All the shades I ordered had a matte fomula. They all had medium pigmentation that was build-able, they were all a bit loosely pressed so you do get some kickback waist, but they applied very smoothly and foolproof on the cheeks. They are a bit dry, but with blush I don’t mind that as long as they look even on the skin and don’t look powdery or chalky applied. Overall, good blushes that I would recommend!


Main Chick – True peach. Beautiful on tanned skin so this will be a summer blush for me (I prefer peach tones in summer and pinks/reds in winter).

Glass Slipper – Plummy fuchia. This one is good all year round for me!

Parakeet – Bright warm pink. And the name is soooo cute!


Noodle – Cool toned pink. Just the way I like my blush for pale winter skin.

Weirdough – Neutral pinky beige. Nice all year round neutral blush.

Why, Hello – Nice muted peachy pink. Great for pale skin.

They are all very consistent in formula. They all feel the same, and apply the same, and I really like that. It is assuring to know that they got their formula nailed down and that you won’t get hits or misses in terms of quality. They seem pretty consistent.

All of these shades were easy to apply as well. Not too pigmented that you have to be overly careful, and not so sheer that you have to work to much to build them up. The pigmentation is just the way I like my blushes actually! My favorite of this bunch is Weirdough. A bit surprisingly since that is not the shade I usually go for, but it is such a natural pretty blush.

Colourpop have their own magnetic palette that fits 6 of their blushes, bronzers or highlighters perfectly. So I got all these collected in one place.

I have no regrets just impulsively picking up 6 shades without trying them out first. I am pretty happy with them, and it is neat to be able to collect them in a sturdy magnetic palette if you want to bring some options while traveling. They do also sell them in compacts if you only want to pick up a few shades.

they are nice blush for a good price and it does the job well so these are definitely approved and I will for sure get some use out of them.






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