Jacklyn Hill x Morphe eyeshadow palette – Swatches and review!

I was way to late getting this palette. Actually, when I first saw it I decided I was not going to buy it. I never owned any Morphe palettes myself and the reason was that after swatching a palette I decided the quality was just not what I wanted. Sure, you get a lot of product for your money, but I found that too many of the shades were similar and the quality was OK but not great. And since I have more than enough great eyeshadows in my collection, Morphe palette just didn’t do enough for me to consider buying one.


But after reading one review after the other praising this palette over and over again (I haven’t actually seen any bad reviews so far!) and most importantly many people claimed that this palette was above the usual Morphe quality, I got intrigued. So eventually I caved and got myself one of them. I bet the whole internet is satisfied with review of this palette. It seems almost like every beauty blog out there already wrote a review on it, so I guess my late-to-the-party review is completely excess, but I just kind of like writing reviews. So here goes another Jacklyn Hill x Morphe palette review!

The composition of the palette is really nice. There are not two very similar colors like I am used to seeing in Morphe palettes. The shades are all different somehow, and the selection is good. There are nice crease shades, some great darks that can double as a liner and plenty of shimmers to play around with. Something for every taste. So the palette is very versatile. The only thing I feel is missing is a skintoned base shade. I know I can just set my primer with a powder, but I like doing it with a shadow while I have the palette in my hands, but other than that I don’t really feel like I miss anything from this palette.

But lets get on with the swatches. Because that is what we all want to see right?


Enlight – Metallic bright beige that applies very creamy.

Beam – Metallic beige with more warm golden undertones than Enlight. I would have preferred of one of these where a matte since they are in my opinion too similar on the lid.

Silk Cream – Matte medium beige. Nice crease color.

MFEO – Matte warm peachy beige. Looks a bit more warm on my skin than what it appears in the pan.

Faint – Pale metallic pink. Very creamy, almost thick in consistency.

Sissy – Beautyful rose golden shade with metallic finish. As with many of the metallics in the palette the consistency is a bit thick, almost more like a cream than a powder. I found that applying them with fingers or a flat synthetic brush was what worked best for me when I want full impact of the shadow.

Little Lady – Light coppery shade with warm pink undertones. Metallic finish.


Cream Sicle – Matte warm orange. Nice crease shade for really warm red and burgundy looks.

Butter – Matte warm brown with orange/yellow undertones.

Pooter – Matte medium warm brown. Less yellow in undertone than Butter but still warm toned.

Pukey – Medium warm matte, but a little bit darker than the previous medium brown shades.

Hunts – Red toned matte brown.

Firework – Metallic red toned copper.

Queen – Metallic coppery brown. Appears very golden on my lids.


Obsessed – Light warm beige with pink undertones.

SBN – Medium metallic brown. This one had a bit more fallout than the other metallic shades in my opinion, so I preferred spraying the brush (with the shadow already on) with a bit of setting spray to minimize the fallout.

Hillster –Β  Medium to dark brown. Not as metallic in finish, it had more of a pearly finish even thoug it looked almost as intense as the metallics in the pan. Very beautiful lid shade.

Roxanne – Very warm and red toned medium to dark shade. Almost matte, but it appeared slightly satin on swatches. It was more matte than the swatch when applied on the lid.

Jacz -Matte burnt red-toned brown. Not the most opaque shade, but it was buildable and easy to blend.

Buns – Medium toned warm brown, but much less orangy or red toned than many of the other warm browns. In comparison this looks almost neutral.

Cranapple – Metallic cranberry shade. Had to use a damp brush to get it to look as intensly on the lid as on the eyes.


Royalty – Deep purple with cool undertones. The shade swatched very nice, but I found it to be a bit hard to apply. It seemed a lot darker and much less metallic on the lid than on swatches. I found that it helped with a damp brush. Did have a lot of fallout.

Twerk – Half way pearl half way metallic royal blue shade with purple undertones. Also this one had quite a bit of fallout and needed a damp brush.

Hussle – Warm metallic taupe brown. Applied much easier than the two previous shades.

Meeks – Pearly warm bronze.

24/7 – Dark brown with fine gold shimmer. I experienced a lot of fallout with this one aswell.

Chip – Medium dark brown with warm reed undertones.

Mocha – Very similar to Chip, but a bit lighter.


Pool Party – My favorite color in the palette! Super bright metallic turquoise. Very smooth and easy to work with. This one applied easily without any fuzz. It doesn’t seem as dense as the other metallic shades, so I think that is why it is easier to apply. Pigment was easy to buildup and I was surprised that it was so easy to get the same intensity on the lid as in the pan. Winner shade!

Jada – Matte cool teal. Pairs so nicely with Pool Party. It appears a bit more green on the eye than in the pan. I’ve read that other people had some problems with this being a bit sheer, but I can’t say I recognize that. Just look at that arm swatch. I don’t see anything sheer about it, and I was able to build up nice opacity on the lid as well.

Diva – Metallic deep forest green. I think I actually don’t have anything like this shade. Most of the time forest greens are more green, while this shade is quite muted. I always enjoy it when I find a shade I don’t think I have anywhere else in my collection.

Enchanted – I kind of feel that Diva is the shade that should be named Enchanted, because this dark matte army green is not very enchanting to me. Don’t get me wrong, the shade works nice.

Central Park – Dark neutral matte brown. Blends really nice for being such a dark shade.

Soda Pop – Very dark matte aubergine shade. I also found this one to be easy to work with.

Abyss – Matte black. Medium opacity. Not the blackest black I’ve seen but decent enough. Blended easily, as I found to be the case with all the dark shades in this palette.

I got mine from BeautyBay, so I got the version before they redid the packaging, made the cardboard glossy and easy to clean and put the shade names on the back. However, I don’t really have any issues keeping it clean. I swatched the whole palette, made a lot of different colorful looks as well as traveling with it and using it for my everyday makeup. Got a few marks on the front, but guess what, I just cleaned it. So I don’t know why some say it is an issue with it getting too dirty. The material is cleanable, and all you need is a makeup wipe! I have much more trouble keeping palettes like Modern Renaissance clean.

I agree with the issues with the shade names. When you actually do the effort and name the shades then you better put it in the palette. Mine didn’t even come with a sheet showing the names so I had to google it (Oh, the effort!) to make my own photo with shades names. I just feel it should have been there in the first place. So I edited all the names into a photo both to use it in my blog, and to help myself being able to describe what colors I use in future looks without having to google an image of it every time. Maybe it can help you out as well!


My overall thoughts are that this is a very good palette. A few of the shades are a bit hard to work with meaning you have to build them up a bit, or you have to expect a bit off fallout. I did not find any duds in this palette, just a few minor issues with some of them but not anything I can’t work with!

The only think I feel is missing is a base shade to set the eye-primer. I don’t always find this to be necessary in every palette especially smaller ones, but I find that I miss it in a palette like this that is big and aims to be a complete palette. With this amount of shades I would want to have every base shade I need. Since there is a nice black, and plenty of transition and crease shades the only thing I feel missing is a pale skin-toned matte. I think either Beam or Enlight could have been switched for a similar shade with a matte finish, because I find that both of them look fairly similar on the lid. Other than that I think the composition of the palette is really good. Contrary to many other Morphe palettes where I find too many of the shades to be too similar. This one just looks like more work was put into it, and I sure appreciate that!

I would really recommend this palette to any makeup lover. It gives you so many options, and is especially good for someone who doesn’t have a huge collection because there truly is a bit of everything in this palette. I am excited to see if this is a turning point for Morphe. If they stick to this quality, and maybe change up their packaging a bit I would not mind collection more of their stuff in the future.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that Morphe will deliver more of this quality!





19 thoughts on “Jacklyn Hill x Morphe eyeshadow palette – Swatches and review!

  1. entitymodel

    I’ve always loved the look of this palette. I AGREE with you- every time I look at the other Morphe palettes, I’m like. . . bleh. They’re the same. The Jaclyn Hill, though- it’s got spring, summer, fall, and winter shadows all at your disposal. I like that.

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