Makeup favorites of December 2017! – And a few misses. 

First of all, Happy New Year! I am very excited to get started on 2018, and I hope you are as well. Lets kick of this year by talking about my favorite products on the end of last year.

Once again I have a lot of fun favorites to share with you! December has been fun, and I played around with a lot of makeup, tested new products, created makeup looks and as usual some products stood out and this post is all about them. Let’s just say that colored highlighters has been a thing this month!

I have actually been using a ton of red lipsticks during December but I’ve change between the ones I’ve got so much that I didn’t feel I could include them in a monthly favorites post even though they are highly loved lipsticks. I did however make a post with my top 10 red lipsticks that you could check out if you want to know about my favorite reds.

But lets get on with the monthly favorite!

The Zoeva Brow Spectrum palette is a real gem! I was never that into brow products. I mean, I use them, but I don’t think they are any fun to buy. I am very happy I picked up this palette though! There are both warm and cool shades for your brows, and you even have a cool-toned, a warm-toned shimmer brow bone highlight,  and a matte brow bone highlight. The shimmery highlighters are beautiful on the Cheek bones as well! And guess what, the brow powders double as eyeshadows! Overall, this is a very versatile brow palette with multiple areas of use!

I Think I Love You from Colourpop has been much loved as well. I almost hit pan on the second shade in the middle row. I think with one or two more uses I will see some metal from the pan. Several of the shades also show much use, though it is hard to see on this picture.

I love this palette because I can use this palette alone to create both daytime and evening looks, and I’ve used every single shade in the palette several times. The palette just got all I need, and the metallics are just stunning!

This Isadora Glow Face Prisma Wheel was not love at first sight, but I kept it in my everyday makeup bag because I wanted to get some use out of it and get to know it a bit better.

This is just one of the products that I loved more the more I used it. The pink shades are beautiful as blush-toppers, the white is a very intense icy cheek highlighter and the green and purple have been used a lot as inner corner highlighters for a subtle pop of color. I bet they look great as a brow bone highlighter with very intense green and purple looks as well, but I have yet to try that out.
Just a lovely and a bit different highlighter palette for those who like a bit more fun colors.

This Diorblush Cheek Creme in “Bikini” may look bright and intense, but it gives such a beautiful flush of color to the cheeks.

I am a sworn creme blush lover since I think they look so flattering on the skin, particularly on natural makeup days, and this one is really nice and easy to blend.

Doesn’t hurt that is comes in a heavy luxurious Dior packaging either. This is a bit old and sadly I think it is limited edition.

My two most used lipsticks for every day are the Colourpop Lippie Stix in the shade “Cami” and Guerlain liquid lipstick i the shade “Charming Beige”. I have become a big fan of the Guerlain liquid lipstick formula. It doesn’t dry down and are therefore not transfer proof, but it is super comfy and long-wearing.

Cami is the Colourpops Matte X formula. I find it slightly more drying than their regular Matte formula, but with a lip balm underneath I didn’t have any issues. The shade is a nice dark nude on me.

I got some nice base product favorites also to share!

Smashbox Studio Skin 24 hour waterproof concealer is a nice one. Medium coverage, blends out like a dream, no creasing, no enhancing fine lines and lasts for a long time. Not for 24 hours, lets be real, but it stays put during the day without touch up and it fades away without making a big deal about it (meaning it fades away nicely without cracking up). Great concealer!

Skinfood Buckwheat Loose Powder is a super fine milled powder that mattifies like nothing else! If you like a matte finish this will keep the shine away for hours and hours. I usually get a bit shiny on my forehead during a day at work, but not with this. I use it to set my whole face. It does give a slightly powder finish but I always finish my makeup routine with a setting spray or a mist anyway. It smells nice too!

Clean hair with peppermint candy scent? Yes, Please! The Nature’s Answer Essential Oil Shampoo has been my most used last month. It smells soooo good, and it feels really refreshing! It is also Vegan, Cruelty-free and cheap!

I already posted a review of this sleeping pack (read here) so you may have seen this before on my blog. This have just been my go-to after a shower/exercise/sauna when my skin is clean and needs a bit of extra moisture while I can’t be bothered putting on a real mask. This gives a lot of hydration and it is completely fuzz-free since you just slap it on your face and that’s all. No need to wash of, just plenty of hydration in one simple step!

This facepalette from Zoeva is beautiful! The bronzer has been used a lot this month. So easy to apply and just the right shade in the middle of winter. The highlighter is also very pretty, and so is the glowing rose gold blush, but the bronzer has been my main product out of these three this month.

Also, this Zoeva rose gold petit crease brush is amazing! Perfect for deepening the crease with more presition than a normal crease brush can give. I am for sure getting more Zoeva brushes!

My last favorite is the highlighter Twinkle from Colourpops My Little Pony collection. It is quite unique lavender shade with a blue duo-chrome hue. I just love that effect! I’ve really been enjoying colored highlighters lately and this one definately stole the show. Not the most intense highlighter, but the duo-chrome gives it a nice and different finish.

And now that we are done taking about my most loved items of December, lets talk about the products that did not work for me.


This Dragon Hearts highlighter from Makeup Revolution was one of the misses. It is sad because the packaging and the product itself is so pretty. I have to admit I have a hard time understanding exactly what I am supposed to do with it. Orange highlighter obviously does not work on my skin tone. So I tried using it as a blush topper with orange or coral blushes. It is just too glittery and chalky for that and it does not look nice on the skin. Maybe I need to give it another chance and use it in other ways, like only picking up the lighter shades to highlight with, or try it as an eyeshadow, but right now this product is quite a disappointment to me. Well, at least it is a pretty piece to add to my collection even though I can’t really make it work for me.

This last one I am so bummed about. I was so excited when Colourpop released setting sprays. You know, their wonderful price point and usually high quality makes most of the things they release tempting. But this, this is like aiming a high-pressure water hose to your face. It happened more than once that this product just ruined my makeup instead of finishing it. Either it would mess up my eye-makeup, or the large drops from the hose spray left spots in my foundation. The spray is not even at all, you just get a bunch of large drops all over your face. Maybe the spritzer is ruined you may ask? Well, I got two different ones and they are both just as bad. I tried holding the bottle as far away from my face as possible, but my arms are too short!

I love Colourpop as a brand, but this is an awful spray. This will serve as a brush-dampener from now on.

So, there you got them all! What are your hits (or misses) for December? I would love to know if we have any in common!



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