Lioele Water Drop Sleeping Pack – Review!

I am a K-beauty lover, a pretty newfound love, but nevertheless I am constantly diving into new skincare products from South Korea, and I have a complete “korean-style” skincare routine with all those different steps. And it does wonders for my skin!


This will be a short little review of the Lioele Water Drop Sleeping Pack. It is a moisturizing sleeping mask that is supposed to “form a moisturizing film to supply moisture and nutrition onto tired skin” (according to the brands own description) . I don’t know what this fancy film really does, I am not a skincare specialist, I just want to share my impression of it.

The bottle contains 120 ml of products. Pretty generous for a face moisturizer. Like the name implies it is not something you slap onto your skin during the day and expect to be able to put on makeup after a short while. This is more like a thin face mask that you can put on instead of a night cream to soak into your skin overnight.


The product has a gel-cream consistency, is slightly perfumes with a fresh scent and with a blue color. I find the scent to be mild, so I don’t notice it after I applied it, but is smells nice just out of the bottle. However, I know some people don’t want anything perfumed in their skincare and then this will obviously be the wrong choice.

I use this often right after the shower or instead of night cream before going to bed. I also used it a few times during the day if I don’t wear makeup (and don’t plan to), because it is very refreshing, almost cooling just when you apply it.

I feel this gives my skin a nice moisture boost. The best way I can describe it is that it is like giving your skin a glass of water. Super refreshing!

If you are looking for an over-night mask to replenish moisture I think this could be worth a try. I got mine from (my favorite place to buy K-Beauty) for a little less than 20$ so it is pretty affordable.

This product gets my seal of approval!



For reference: My skin is 30 years old. With a maintained skincare routine I would say it is normal most of the year, but I can get dry spots especially on my forehead when the season change. I am not acne-prone and don’t easily break out. I do have fine lines, but within or slightly less than normal for my age. If I miss out on my skincare my skin will get dehydrated and greasy in my t-zone.

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