Top three Luxury brands of 2017

The first of a series of three blog posts where I talk about my top three makeup brands of the year. In this post I will talk a bit about the luxury brands I loved in 2017 and highlight a few of the products I adore from each brand, there are some very excellent products here well worth the splurge of a luxury makeup item! There will also be posts with my top three high-end and top three affordable makeup brands, so make sure to follow my blog so you won’t miss out on my more affordable favorites!

So lets get started and talk about some great luxury brands I recommend you check out! I picked out three brands but they are in no particular order. I just would not be able to rank one brand over the other. So in no particular order, here are my favorite luxury brands of 2017:


Lancôme has always been one of my go-toes when I want a new mascara. They very often work great for me, and I’ve finished a few tubes of Lancôme mascara this year, including the Grandiose mascara (not pictured, it is empty and trashed!) that I loved and will surely pick up again at some point, and the Hypnotic Dolls Eyes which is a great mascara, just a bit too natural for me. The Volume-à-Porter (in picture) is my go-to at the moment. Lancôme mascaras in general often  seem to be a safe pick for me. They don’t always become my very favorites, but they are always great mascaras!

The Teint Idole Ultra Wear is a foundation I only tried recently, and it is clearly among my all time top three foundation. I actually went through half the bottle already. Supreme staying power and georgeous on the skin!

Not to mention that Lancôme blushes have been my favorite luxury-brand blushers for years. If you should try only one luxury blush this should be one to consider.


Not surprisingly, Guerlain is here too! I am a passionate collector of their limited edition mètèorite pearls and terracotta bronzers and I have quite a few of them. These are not however everyday products, to be fair many of them are considered collector pieces and are untouched to maintain pristine condition, so those products alone are not enough to bump this brand on a top three list.

My hole grail foundation is though! I purchased this during the summer, and I am absolutely blown away. To me, The Lingerie de Peau foundation is perfection. I don’t throw around the phrase “holy grail” all that often, but this one truly is. If I could only wear one foundation for the rest of my life I would be completely content picking this, and just forgetting about the rest!

Their liquid lipsticks also have a beautiful non-drying formula. I picked up two shades, Tempting Rose and Charming Beige, and they are such beautiful everyday colors that lasts a long time and feels super comfy. I will definitely pick up more shades, I just wish they would expand their color selection because I feel that the 7 shades they have to offer are not nearly enough.


Lastly, Dior needed to be included. I always tend to enjoy their face products and lip stuff. Their highlighter and bronzers from their Nude line have a special place in my heart and we go back for years. Their loose setting powder is wonderful, and I also enjoy their eyeshadow palettes. Thinking about it, I don’t think I have any misses from Dior. They are just a solid brand that works for me.

One of my new discoveries are the Dior Liquid lipsticks that they released this year. I picked up the shade 999, which is their classic red shade (they have it in a bullet lipstick as well) and is fits the season perfect right now. So pretty!


I also need to cheat a bit and mention Natasha Denona! The reason why this brand is not on my top three list is because I’ve only tried their eyeshadows, and I only wanted to include brands I’ve tried and loved several different products by. But I did purchase my first Natasha Denona palette this year, and now I have collected three of them; The Brown-Green 28 shadow palette, the Lila palette and the Sunset palette. I hope to pick up some more during 2018. These are my absolute favorite eyeshadow formula that I’ve ever tried so I just had to mention them.

What are your favorite luxury brands? Let me know!



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