Buxom Lip-products – Review!

I never tried anything from Buxom, but I’ve heard so many good things about their lip products, so off course I had to pick up a few products and test out what kind of lippies they have to offer. Besides I have a good excuse since I want to write a blog post about them!


I purchased three different ones so I could be able to explore the different formulas a bit. They are all liquid. One Lip polish, one Full-On Lip Creme and one Wildly Whipped Lightweight Liquid Lipstick. Since I only have one of each I will focus more on the formula than the shades, but they do have a pretty decent selection of shades to pick from.


The Lip Polish is their lipgloss formula. I picked the shade “April” and this is a sheer peachy gloss with nice sheen and flecks of gold shimmer in it. This shade in particular looked nice both on its own, or on top of a nude liquid lips (my favorite way of using this). The gloss is a bit thick so this is not for you if you prefer that light-weight gloss. It is not overly sticky though so I am fine with it.

Since it is a bit thick it also lasts a fair amount of time on the lips. I found that it would last for 2-3 hours on my lips, and I could even have a coffee or a meal without it fading too much. That is pretty good for a gloss. It is supposed to have a plumping effect, so there is a minty tingle that lasts for the time you wear it. I don’t really notice any plumping, but I like the refreshing minty feel it gives. Is also is moisturizing and has Vitamin A and C, so you get a little lip-treatment as well.

Personally I really like this gloss, but I understand that the thickness of the product and tingling is not for everyone. If you like those kind of glosses I do recommend this.


The Full-On Lip Cream comes in a similar tube as the Lip Polish, but the Lip Cream has a frosted glass finish, while the Lip Polish is regular glass. The packaging feels really nice and luxurious. Both tubes have the same kind of doe-foot applicator. It is just the small regular one, so nothing special about the applicator.

The Full-On Lip Cream has a slightly more pigmented finish, but other than that it feels very similar to the gloss, only maybe slightly thicker. The minty scent and tingle is exactly the same. Once again, this claims to be plumping, but it is not. Disappointing if that is why you wanted to buy it for, but I am kind of used to plumping products just being all empty promises so I expected it.

The shade I picked out in this formula is “Creamsicle”. A really nice creamy pastel pink with medium opacity and no shimmer. It is glossy so it gives your lips a nice sheen. I think this one is pretty enough just on its own.


The last product I wanted to test out was their Wildly Whipped Lightweight Liquid Lipstick. It has a beautiful mousse like consistency and feels like air on the lips. It does not dry down so it is not transfer proof or extremely long-lasting. This is actually exactly what it sounds like, a regular lipstick whipped into a airy lip-cream. It doesn’t have that minty tingle as the glosses do.

By far this is my favorite of these three formulas, and I need more of this for sure! I picked up the shade “Devious Dolly” which is a highly pigmented matte mauve.

Off course I provided swatches for you as well. It is kind of hard to swatch glosses but you get an idea of what they look like! Since I am a busy person, I did not allow the liquid lip to dry down so it appears a lot more shiny than it is. Sorry about that!


Overall I am quite happy with my new Buxom experience and I am intrigued to continue exploring the brand a little more. If you have any products from the brand you think I should try out then please let me know! I would love to get some good recommendations.


I will for sure pick up a few more shades of that excellent liquid lipstick though.








4 thoughts on “Buxom Lip-products – Review!

  1. danicaperovic

    Girl, that is totally me spiking in your mind. Excuses, excuses…Like we need them,haha! 😀
    Great post! I like the idea of presenting variety in Boxom liquid lipstick formulas. Good product selection too, you gonna rock those shades. 🙂


  2. Hey Mufavorites! I’m here to thank you personally for following my blog recently! Welcome to the blog family. I’m excited and grateful for your support. Also, your makeup game is perfect, I wish I had that kind of talent! Thanks anyways, have a great day.

    xx, Shreya ❤️


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