Anastasia Prism Eyeshadow Palette – Swatches and Review!

This is one of those palettes that needed to grow on me. When I first saw it upon release I quickly decided I didn’t need it in my life. I am always kind of relieved when that happens because there are always plenty of palettes on my wishlist, so when a new release just does not float my boat I get kind of happy that I can focus on picking up those palettes on my never ending list instead of rushing to pick up a limited edition palette. Well…..that didn’t work out as planned!


I mean. Throne. Do I have to say more? I almost wanted to buy the palette for that shade only. Buying a full 14-shade palette for one shadow only is not going to cut it though. But, you know how it works. You watch and read reviews of people creating beautiful looks with it and praising the quality, then you find it for a good price, and suddenly you are a happy owner of an unplanned palette. Been there, done that, did it this time as well.

But, before we discuss this palette any further lets just take a look at those shades!

Swatches upper row.

Lucid – Pale gold with metallic sheen. Needed to build this up quite a bit for this swatch, so it is not very pigmented. Works well as an inner corner highlight.

Eden – Matte orange. This one was very smooth and richly pigmented. Just a good quality Anastasia matte. As usual it is very soft and gives kickback (similar to many matte shades in Modern Renaissance).

Unity – Matte yellow toned beige. I hoped this would work as an all over lid color, but it is slightly too yellow and a bit too dark for me personally. Works well for me as a transition shade. Nice and creamy shade. Kickback on this one as well, but maybe a bit less than with Eden.

Sphinx – Metallic warm brown. Nicely pigmented, and applies smoothly on the lid.

Osiris – Deep blue toned purple shade with shimmer specs of pink glitter. This was not as pigmented as I would prefer, but it was buildable. I did experience a lot of fallout while trying to build up the intensity.

Sphere – Bright matte neon yellow shade. Good pigmentation. A bit on the dryer side compared to the other mattes in the palette.

Obsidian – Very intense matte black. This is black shade on steriodes. I think it must be among my blackest blacks in my collection.

Swatches bottom row.

Dimension – Greyish metallic purple with pink shimmer. This was not very pigmented and the formula seemed a bit dense and hard to work with. Had to work with this a bit to build up the intensity I wanted, but when you do it is quite a unique shade.

Parallel – Matte warm brown. Very pigmented and smooth shade. It could end up looking a bit patchy when applied on the lid, especially in the outer corner it seemed to attach better at some spots than other. So it did require a bit of work to look nice.

Pyramid – Beautiful metallic warm gold shade. The texture is a bit chunkier so I had to work a bit to distribute it evenly on the lid, but once applied it is a gorgeous color.

Throne – My favorite color in the palette. A metallic dark jewel tones green. I think this one was a bit better than the average metallic in this palette. Maybe because many of the metallics have glitter particles in them making them a bit more chunky. This one had some fallout, but less than say Osiris or Dimension. I think this shade is just lovely for a dark dramatic smoky eye.

Saturn – Matte red orange. This one has fantastic pigmentation, smooth, creamy and easy to blend. Just an excellent matte shade.

Eternal – Warm coppery golden shade with shimmery metallic finish. Swatch nicely but didn’t give the same impact on the eyes and required a damp brush. The shade works and looks pretty, but I know Anastasia can make better shimmers than this.

Lure – Matte mauve. Smooth, pigmented and easy to blend. Another great matte shade from this palette.


So just to make a summary of it all. Most of the matte shades are really really good. Sphere (yellow) was a tad dry, but overall the matte shades are excellent. Obsidian really stands out as a very intense great quality black, I think I will reach for this palette in the future only to use that shade. It is that good! The rest of the mattes are also well worth having.

The shimmers and metallics are a bit more disappointing. They all work with a bit of effort, but when compared to how well the shimmers in the Modern Renaissance work, these are just a tiny bit disappointing in comparison. I mean, you get the shade you want in the end, but it required a bit more effort than I expected after knowing how well Modern Renaissance performs.


Another thing that is a bit disappointing is the composition of shades. I expected that after playing around with it and getting to know it more I would get more and more inspired by it. But after playing around with it and getting to know the colors it just doesn’t strike my creative nerves the same was as other palettes may do. I just honestly think it is a harder palette to get creative with because I dont really get that many ideas when I look at it. Sure, there are a lot of good options for nice smoky eyes, but I just feel like I miss something. I’ve heard that this palette is supposed to play well with the shades in Subculture, so maybe I will get more inspired with both palettes in front of me. Only problem is that I don’t own Subculture.

So, after all this disappointment is this a palette worth getting? If these shades inspire you I would say absolutely. There are not any bad shades in this palette, just some that requires a bit of extra work, and they may be a bit less than I expected from Anastasia, but still good shades. The matte shades are for the most part excellent and since 7 of the shades are matte you do get a lot of great shadows. I would say this is particularly worth it if you are looking for a good black shade, because Obsidian is the blackest black you can get.

Anyway, thanks for reading this review. If you got this far I am impressed because I tend to just ramble on about palettes when I first get started and the reviews can get a bit lengthy. I am considering making a post with multiple looks created with this palette. Let me know if that is something you would be interesting to read or not.



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