Empties – Stuff I finished lately!


I feel like I kind of just did an empties post, but the bag of empties started getting full again so there was time for another round. I finished a bit of everything lately. Some skincare, some makeup and some hair products. I am sad to part ways with some of these items, and others are good riddance. So lets just get on with it shall we? And grab a snack or something because this will be a long read!


Tonymoly I’m Real Rice Mask Sheet – Clear Skin: The last sheet mask in a pack of 10. I like sheet masks just as much as any other beauty junkie, and this 10-pack is both nice and affordable. I found the moisturizing ones most efficient, but I also really like this one because I think my skin tone looked very even after wearing this, not to mention plump and moisturized. I will for sure get myself another 10-pack soon!

LUSH Curly Wurly Coconut Shampoo: This is my second pot of this shampoo. The first one I got was a big tub but after finishing that a year ago or so I could not really decide what my thought was on it. It seems really great for my hair, and leaves it with shiny bouncy curls without weighing it down so that is great! The downside is that it is full of coconut shavings. Not necessarily a bad thing you think? Well, try getting them out of my long, curly all tangled up hair. Lets just say people look weird at you when they pick coconut shavings out of your hair the day after you washed days before. To make my final thoughts on this I bought a small tub because it really makes my hair look so nice, when you look apart from the coconut shavings decorations you are left with. Wish the coconut was finer milled so it would wash out more easily. Then I would definitely repurchase but until then I get my coconut fix somewhere else.

Sleek Pout Paint in shades”Milkshake” and “Mauve Over”: These guys I just decluttered. I only ever tried them once I think but I found the tube to be so unpractical especially with such an opaque products so these guys have been just hanging around in my lipstick drawer for years. I went through my collection recently to remind myself of what kind of products I actually have, and I swatched these. Turns out they are totally separated and smells wonky. No thank you!


OGX Nourishing + Coconut Milk Shampoo: I like this shampoo. Works really nice on my curls and my hair seems nourished, soft and shiny. That kind of shampoo I pick on dry hair days, not greasy dirty hairdays though! Smells plesantly of coconut. Sweet, but not nauseating and synthetic kind of sweet. This is my second bottle and I would not mind getting this one again, bur it is a BIG bottle so I need a little coconut break to try out other things. My shower is way too full anyways!

OGX Nourishing + Coconut Milk Conditioner:
Same thing as with the shampoo. I use them together after all.


LUSH Rose Jam Shower Gel: Luckily I have another 250 ml bottle of this, because this shower gel is just so lovely! I found that many of the LUSH shower gels can be a tad drying on my skin, not a big issue though since I always put on body lotion or body butter after showering. This one is less drying than most of the other ones for some reason so if that has been an issue for you before with other LUSH shower gels this one might me worth a shot still. I would buy it purely because of the scent though. It is just pure, sweet rose jam goodness!

Huile de Figue de Barbarie Maroc: This is a facial oil with figs that I got from my Boyfriends mother for Christmas last year. It is supposed to have anti-ageing and moisturizing properties. I really liked it and used it as a bed time oil before my night time face cream. I don’t really know how to get a new one though, so I think I will stick to facial oils that are a bit easier to get. But I did really enjoy it!


Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream: I have tried three different bb-creams/foundations from Missha and I always seem to have some trouble with them. I found that this one did not really sink into my skin and just slid around on top of it. Setting it with powder helped it appear less wet, but the skin still felt slightly tacky. A light rub on the face was enough to remove the BB Cream in that specific area, and since I am not able to just not touch my face, I eventually became un-charmingly patchy. I like to put foundation on my arm as a base when I do eyeshadow swatches, so that’s what I used it for.

Lancôme Grandiose Extreme Mascara: This one I am pretty sure I will repurchase. I like the rubber wand. The mascara was very black, it did not smudge under my eyes during a full days wear, it did not clump up and gave my lashes nice volume. The only thing I wish for is that it was a bit more lengthening. Other than that it is a great mascara and I am sure I will pick up a new one of these again eventually.


Schwarzkopf Got2b rockin’ it encore fresh dry shampoo: Got this one at sale so I picked up two without knowing how it worked. I am a bit underwhelmed. It does help removing greasyness from the hair, but it does not give my hair any texture. I prefer that I get some texture to my hair because when I reach the point where I need dry shampoo my hair is mostly flat as well. So this one is just not a favorite for me, but if you like a dry shampoo but does not want any extra volume or texture then maybe this is for you? Leaves a white cast on dark hair though.

NYX Dewy Finish long lasting setting spray: I don’t like this. I don’t think it made my makeup dewy, I don’t think it made my makeup last longer either. I do think the spray is too severe. It is like using a hose! Well, at least it gets rid of the powdered look, but other than that I felt like the only made my face wet. A little too wet in my opinion. Will not repurchase.


Bella Lucce Thai Coconut Lemongrass Moisturizing Body Wash: This product is lovely. Makes my skin soft and it is not drying at all. It lathers up really nicely and creates a nice, fluffy, luxurious feeling foam. Unfortunately Bella Lucce stopped shipping internationally. It bothers the heck out of me because I save all my precious products from the brand instead of using it just because it is such a hazard to repurchase. I would love to get another one of these so I am just crossing my fingers hoping that they will soon ship internationally again like they used to! (I mean seriously, who does that? Backwards development or what?). This is one of my all time favorite skincare and bath product brands.

Biotherm Wonder Mud Skin-Best face mask: I got this travel size face mask complimentary to a purchase and I got 4 full uses out of it. I really enjoyed this mask as it was clearifying and made my skin soft and firm after use. I actually enjoyed it so much that I was looking for it in the shop where I got the sample but could not find it. I will surely pick it up if I stumble upon it. Highly recommended if you like mud masks!

So, that was all of it. Hope you enjoyed the read and your snack (I told you to get one in the beginning!). If you have any recent empties post on your blog pop a link in the comments. I really enjoy reading this post and would love to check it out!










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