Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette – Review!


I bet I was not the only one who got interested in this palette when Tati (YouTube beauty guru) raved about this. I mean, when someone who test out almost every product there is says it is good then there may be something to it right? With a price point of around 8-9£ you don’t have a lot to loose trying it so I clicked one home from Tambeauty to test for myself.

The packaging is, as expected, a bit cheap. Just simple black plastic case. It used to have a logo on the lid, but that rubbed of in no time. You know, like we are all used to from Colourpops liquid or satin lips packaging. No biggie, there is a lot of product for little money. At least it is not that see through plastic lid that gets full off scratches and look decades old just from hanging around with its makeup friends in your makeup bag. That would be worse! The palette does have a nice mirror tough, so that is a plus.


This palette is very unusual, because I actually found every shade to be useful! Normally there are at least a few powders in a palette like this that I won’t use but that is not the case with this one. I used, and enjoyed every single shade! Let me walk you through them one by one:

1.Top row – Pink toned brightening/setting powder: Nice to use as a soft brightening powder on my forehead, nose and chin. A bit powdery if I use it as an all over setting powder.

2. Top row – Banana powder: Works well as a under-eye setting powder.

3.Top row – Soft Highlighter: Nice warm and work- friendly highlighter that can be buildt up for medium intensity. Gives a beautiful glow and is great for a natural highlight.

4. Top row – Baked highlighter: This pale icy highlighter is blinding! A little goes a long way. This can really be as intense as you want it, and add some fix+ and you have a shimmery almost white eyeshadow!

1. Bottom row – Warm medium toned bronzer: This one is really easy to apply, and goes on very easily. I tad dry, but it is not hard to apply evenly on my skin.

2. Bottom row – Cool toned contour: Nice contour powder. Not too cool, not too ashy, not to dark (for me). Just a really nice contour powder.

3. Bottom row – Warm medium toned bronzer: I think this is very similar to the other bronzer shade. I would have preferred it if they put in maybe a lighter bronzer shade instead.

4. Bottom row – MAGIC!

The last shade I want to talk a bit more about, because this is my absolute favorite in the whole palette. A big surprise for me because when I looked at it to begin with I didn’t really know what it was or what I was supposed to use it for. It looks too dark to be a powder, not shimmery enough to be a highlighter, and too light to be a bronzer. But this is healthy glow-from-within-in-a-pan (I know, super hard to guess just by looking at it). It is too discreet to be a highlighter, but I used a bigger powder brush and dusted this over my forehead, down the bridge of my nose, cheeks and chin and it makes the most beautiful glow to the skin. It makes you just look healthy and amazing. I really with they had something similar to this in a single pan because I would stock up on it in a heartbeat!


On the picture above you see all the highlighter shades swatched on my fingers, including the glow-from-within-but-not-really-a-highlighter-shade.


I guess you can tell already, but I am really happy I gave this palette a chance! It was featured in my October monthly favorites as well so it was much used and much loved throughout the whole month (you can read the full favorites post here).

If you are looking for a contouring powder this is really something I would recommend. It is not just good for the price, it is just hands-down a great product!




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