LiveGlam Kiss Me lipstick subscription – October 2017.

This is my first month of the LiveGlam Kiss Me lipstick subscription. I first got aware of this service when I watched Shaanxo on YouTube do a video on it (You can watch it here) and off course I got tempted. Getting 3 liquid lip-products every month in your mailbox for only around 20$ sounds like a good deal right? Since you don’t decide your shades it encourage you to try colors you may not normally go for. A great way to test out different shades without breaking the bank! The good thing is that even though this is a running subscription you can easily skip a month if you are low in cash or just know you won’t use the shades you are getting. For every month you pay for you get points  you can exchange in their store for other products (they have other products than just lipsticks, and several well known high-end brands to choose from like Japonesque, Makeup Forever, Tarte and many more).


So I picked up my first order today and these three lip-products arrived in a cute pink satin bag. The packaging of the tubes are nice frosted glass with a rose gold lid and logo. It’s got some weight to is and the packaging does feel more expensive than the actual price tag, which is always a bonus! They have a nice doe-foot applicator that is very precise and makes it easy to apply even the darkest liquid lip. None of these shades required a lipliner to look good.


Vixen is the darkest shade in this bundle. A matte liquid lipstick with a dark blackcurrant burgundy shade. The color is very vampy, but still wearable. Unfortunately it is a bit streaky and needs two coats to look good. It didn’t dry completely down and is not transfer proof but it does not make my lips feel dry. It does have a tacky feel to it, and I know someone does not appreciate that with liquid lipsticks, but for me it is fine. I don’t mind feeling the product on my lips as long as it looks nice and is not overly sticky or heavy.

Lipswatch of Vixen.

This one does not look nice for long though. After roughly an hour without eating or drinking anything this color had faded in the middle of the lips, and some chunks even fell off, the lipstick that was left looked really flaky and crumbly. I was horrified! This is hands down the worst lip product I tried in years! If this was the standard formula of these liquid lipsticks I would have to break up with this subscription before the end of the day. What a terrible terrible lipstick.

Poison Apple

I was sad, really hoping that I had found a great fun subscription, and now disappointment was hoovering over me like a grey cloud. But I had to test out the rest of the bunch. Poison Apple was the second liquid lipstick. This one is a gorgeous red,and a bit more opaque than Vixen, so it only required one coat!

Lipswatch of Poison Apple.

After applying it I got a bit bummed again, such a beautiful beautiful shade, just how I like my reds (and I really really like reds) and it would probably just crumble away within an hour like the other one. This one had the same feel to it as Vixen, a bit sticky and didn’t dry down completely, but still comfortable to wear. So I ate my potato chips and I had my big mug of coffee (healthy day I know), and to my big surprise the lipstick stayed on! After four hours it was still going strong. I can live with that! And since the shade is so beautiful I got my hopes up again for this subscription. This red baby was a hit! After 6,5 hours I removed it completely. It did start to look a bit rough, but it was not that bad considering it held through two meals (one of them was potato chips though), one big cup of coffee and one big cup of tea. Not too shabby I must say.


The last lippie was a gloss named “Magic”, so completely different formula. Opacity is medium, and the shade is a nice coppery metallic. It smells like cupcakes. They all do actually. I really appreciate that they are scented, because cheap lipsticks often smell very chemically. Then a sweet synthetic cupcake scent is better in my opinion. The formula of this gloss is nice, not sticky at all. It actually is very light weight and feels like a high end gloss. One downside, which makes me fall a bit out of love with it, is that I can feel tiny grains in it. I think it is the metallic pigment, and it is very finely milled, like flour, but I can still feel it and it is weird. Not uncomfortable, but weird. If it was a non-metallic gloss I think I would really like it, but because of the consistency this product is only so-so for me.

Lipswatch of Magic.

Overall, this month had one big disappointment, one so-so product and one big hit. My favorite is the by far “Poison Apple”, and the gloss has a really nice formula even though the shade is not the one I will reach for the most and the consistency is a bit strange, but it was fun to try. I decided to keep on trying this for a few months and see where this is going, Vixen is a harder shade to make after all so maybe I get a bit more lucky with future bundles. Anyway, Poison Apple was worth it for me this month.


Did you try the Kiss Me subscription, and what do you think about it? I would love to hear more opinions about it!





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