Huda Beauty Desert Dusk – Review and Swatches

I do own the Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette already, and this palette did not impress me. Some of the shades were decent at best, pigmentation was moderate on most shades, a lot of the mattes were dry and patchy and some of them did not blend very well, the textured shades were hard to work with and a few of them were straight down awful. The packaging seemed cheap and flimsy. I know this seems harsh, but I really tried to love this palette, I just couldn’t do it! For 65 $ I expected a lot more. I was actually so disappointed that I decided that I would not try any more Huda Beauty palettes if they were ever released any new ones. I was just not willing to spend another 65$ on a flop.

But then the Desert Dusk palette came along. Even though the color selection looked stunning I reminded myself of my previous disappointment with the Rose Gold palette and decided not to buy. I waited it out and tried to forget about it, even though the color selection ad composition of the palette was stunning I didn’t want to spend hard earned money on a mediocre palette.


However, I started reading more and more good reviews about it. I watched YouTube videos that made it look very promising, and swatches that other influencers posted looked promising. It just looked better than Rose Gold, and so many people praised it, it surely could not be the same as the previous one with all these good reviews. Curiosity got the better of me. I had to get it, and I am so so so happy that I did!


This palette is a completely different story. First of all the packaging is a lot more sturdy. It actually feels like the packaging of a high-end palette this time, and they also included a mirror which is always nice. The palette has 18 shadows, 8 mattes, 6 pressed pearls, 1 glitter and 3 duo chrome toppers.

Let me talk about the shades one by one for you!


Desert Sand – Beige matte shade. Very smooth and pigmented. Works very well as a base all over the lid.

Musk – Matte cool toned taupe brown shade. Great crease shade.

Eden – Light warm orange with a matte finish. Good opacity, a bit better than Musk. Nice crease shade for warm orange or red toned looks.

Amber – Medium terracotta brown with a lot of red tones in it. Matte finish. A bit on the dry side, but does blend out nicely.

Blood Moon – Red toned copper with pearl finish. Smooth as butter and very pigmented. Applies really well with a flat brush, and the shade is true to color on the lid.

Oud – Dark warm brown with mate finish. Smoother than the lighter matte shades, and blends like a dream.


Celestial – Golden brown duo-chrome topper with a pink shift. The opacity is more share (as expected for a topper), but it applied best with fingers and not too well with a brush. Can apply with damp brush if you want a more opaque finish.

Nefertiti – Light golden shade with small flecks of glitter. A bit chunky and loosely pressed (likely because of the glitter). This one also applies best with a damp brush.

Twilight – Lilac shade with a blue-green shift. The most eye catching shade in the palette, and it layers beautiful on top of Amethyst. A bit sheer, but again this is supposed to be a topper. Works beautiful alone as well if you like a more sheer duo chrome look.

Amethyst – Matte magenta purple. This one was a bit dry, and harder to work with. Had to layer it a bit to build up the color, and it was prone to blend away, which could easily make the look a bit patchy. Definitely the weaker shade in this palette.

Royal – Dark plum shade with a pink pearl sheen. Smooth and easy to apply.

Retrograde – The last duo chrome lid topper. Warm brown with green-blue shift. Reminds me of a sheer lighter version of MAC blue brown pigment. A bit chunky, but applies nicely, preferably with fingers in my opinion.


Cashmere – Warm taupe with pearl, leaning against metallic, finish. Very smooth, bendable and rich.

Angelic – The only shade you can also find in the Rose Gold palette, but this version is much smoother and a bit more pigmented. This shade is definitely improved.

Cosmo – This is a pure pressed glitter. It is indeed very pretty, but it seems to be very fond of migrating down your face after fairly short wear time. I have tried better glitters than this, and it most definitely needs a glitter glue. Needs some work during application since it had to be patted on carefully with a flat brush, and it tends to move around a bit while you try to do the job.

Turkish Delight – Warm cranberry red. Very smooth and richly pigmented. Very easy to work with on the lid. The smoothest and richest shade in the palette.

Saffron – Matte dark red with some brown in it. Very dry in the pan, but does apply and blend nicely on the lid.

Blazing – Dark matte orange. Not as dry as most of the other matte shades, and pigmentation was no less than excellent.


Overall, the mattes are a bit dry but with the exception of Amethyst they perform well and pigmentation are good to great. The pearls are the true winners of this palette, smooth and buttery and a dream to work with. The duo chromes are nice but applies best with fingers and are a bit chunky and loosely pressed in the pan. They are beautiful and fun colors though. The glitter shade, Cosmo, is like so many other pressed glitters: chunky, a bit hard to work with and with tons of fallout.

Overall, the palette is very good. With just a few shades that require a bit more work than average, but mostly the quality is great. The improvement from the Rose Gold palette is impressive, and I applaud Huda Beauty for taking the critiques on the Rose Gold palette into consideration both when it comes you eyeshadow quality and packaging without upping the price. I really really like that the quality is much better, but the price is the same. Now it is actually worth what you pay for it, and I guess we can all appreciate getting our moneys worth. I definitely approve!

After playing around with this nice little gem of a palette I cant wait to see what the next release will be!



8 thoughts on “Huda Beauty Desert Dusk – Review and Swatches

  1. I’ve been eyeing up this palette for so long but was so unsure on how to work with it so this perfect was absolutely PERFECT, thank you! It’s now moved to number 1 on my Christmas list. Loved this post x


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