Save or Splurge? – Liquid Highlighter

I have been adoring my Cover FX Custom Enhancer drops in “Celestial” ever since I got it. It’s just a stunning highlighter but also a very versatile product since it works great to just mix into your foundation or just apply all over your face before foundation if you want that really intense glow from within. A proper multi-use product that has a very beautiful finish on the skin, not to forget how insanely intense it is id you use it straight as a highlighter!


So needless to say that I got very excited when I saw that Makeup Revolution released their own version of this product. They are at times shamelessly copying other brands hit-products, which I think is a tiny bit iffy, but I am too fond of a good deal to really let it bother me that much. So I got the shade “Luminous Gold” to compare to my Cover FX drops. My Cover FX drops are in the shade “Celestial”, so obviously they are not color dupes, but I wanted to compare the formula so the shade was not too important.


First of all, packaging is very similar. They are both these dropper bottles with metal lid, black rubber top and glass bottle with a similar metallic label. I expected the Makeup Revolution highlighter to be in a bit cheaper packaging, but it is a nice heavy glass bottle just like the Cover FX drops. The Makeup Revolution one is a bit taller, but otherwise they have very similar characteristics. You do get a bit more product in the Makeup Revolution liquid highlighter since it holds 18 ml compared to Cover FX 15 ml (0.6 and 0.5 FL OZ if you prefer). No doubt they will both last you a very long time!


When putting one drop of each on my hand and they look pretty similar in intensity (and you get about the same amount). When rubbing out the swatches they still look like they are just as intense. There is not really any visible signs that the Makeup Revolution drops are lacking on pigmentation compared to Cover FX! If you look very closely you can see that the Makeup Revolution drops have some small grains of glitter, while Cover FX are pure shimmer. It is not so much that the MUR drops look glittery on your cheekbones so I guess it is not an issue, at least not for me.

Upon application I noticed that the Cover FX drops dry much faster than the MUR liquid highlighter. Again, this is not an issue, you just get a bit more time to work with the MUR drops before it sets. Once it is set they look pretty similar applied. Also, when they are mixed in with foundation it is hard to notice any difference between the products. Both of them wont alter the properties of the foundation other than making it look a bit more dewy and glowing.


When it comes to price the MUR highlighter is the big winner! at only £6 you can actually but 6 bottles for the price of one Cover FX drops! Both products have 7 shades to choose from in their range, so if you want a bigger selection of shades the Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter seems like an obvious choice!

It is not that I don’t recommend the Cover FX custom enhancer drops, because it really is a beautiful product and I feel like it is worth the splurge if you really want it. But it is hard to hands down recommend it instead of the Makeup Revolution highlighter because it is such a big difference in price, and the Makeup Revolution highlighter is by no means a lesser product. They are simply just as good, not only the product inside but also the packaging feels like they are on the same level quality wise.

However, you can definitely save some money and still get more shades from Makeup Revolution so I have to say that if I had to choose I would pick the MUR drops.

Did you try any of them, or both? What is your impression of them?



11 thoughts on “Save or Splurge? – Liquid Highlighter

  1. Thanks for reviewing this. I got it in my Sephora box in shade moonlight. Idk what it’s gonna look like on me, though. But when you mentioned the metal container or lid(?), I thought nickel immediately. I’m kinda iffy to try it due to my nickel allergy But it sounds interesting and I’ve been seeing coverfx every time I go to Sephora. I tried their one powder but returned it because I didn’t think it was worth the price that time. Do you think the coverfx is worth the price? I’ll probably give mine away.


    1. I don’t think it is any metal in the bottle. Neither the dropper or the bottle has any metal so I don’t think the product it self is in any direct contact with it. But I totally understand why you are sceptical. No one want an allergic reaction. Keeping my fingers crossed that you don’t 😊

      I think the Cover FX is a georgeous product and I have no regrets, but for people on a budget I would say go for the MUR instead. That product is just as good in my opinion 😊

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