Tarte Big Blush Book Volume III – Review and swatches!


Tarte released another one of their limited edition palettes recently. This time it is a huge palette with 7 full  size Amazonian clay 12-hour blushes and a champagne highlighter in the middle. The cost of this palette is 60$ which is a lot to spend on blush, but if you wanted to buy them individually you would reach over 230$. In other words this is value for money.

Underneath you can see swatches of all shades:

Heated (top). Kindred (bottom).
Poised (top). Lavish (bottom).


Peachy (top). Mindful (bottom).


Spirited (top). Rad (Bottom).

The quality of the blushes are really great. They are just pigmented enough, easy to blend, applies smooth and evenly and stays on the skin for a long time. Not the 12 hours they claim, but I can easily agree that they stay put for 4-6 hours. The shade range is very nice. You get everything from nudes, pinks and peachy tones. The Champagne highlighter is also very user friendly so there is something for any occasion here.

Products are without doubt great, but I am not convinced that this packaging is all that great. I knew it would be large and bulky. But I didn’t know it would seem so flimsy and cheap. Instead of making it with solid cardboard or plastic it is made of cardboard and some spongy material that makes it very flimsy. I am afraid I will end up destroying it no matter how careful I am. It kind of seems like this palette is intended to be depotted. Since I don’t depot palettes it is an unattractive trait for me, but I am sure someone will find it very handy if they were planning on depotting anyway.


Don’t misunderstand me with my disappointment in the packaging though! I have absolutely no regrets buying this palette. I am actually very happy that I get to try out several full size blushes for a fraction of their normal price. Especially for me who did not own any Tarte blushers previous to this, this was a great opportunity to test them out for great value.

This one is limited edition, but still available if you feel tempted!

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