September favorites!


September has been really wonderful. We had fairly warm weather (for being in Norway that is) and sun almost the entire month. I just love the crisp air, autumn colors and the sun shining through the leaves. I love to see the season change and feel drawn too things I forgot about all summer. I suddenly feel the urge to drink tea, snuggle up in cozy blankets, light a fire in the fireplace, reading books, wear dark vampy lipstick and just enjoying the season outdoors.

I got many beauty favorites to share with you aswell. Some old favorites that I have rediscovered and I also found some new favorites among my new products.

I think I Love You eyeshadow palette.

The “I Think I love You” palette from Colourpop is obviously new to me, and I have been playing around with this. The metallic shades are stunning! Very rich, smooth and pigmented. The matte shades are also true to the usual Colourpop quality I have fallen in love with. The palette has some good color options aswell. With both base,crease, lid shades and a handy matte black this palette have everything you need to make a complete glamorous look. So far this is my favorite palette by the brand!

Nilens Jord 100% Natural Minerals powder 530.

Nilens Jord is a fairly unknown brand for most people. This is a Danish brand meaning that it is fairly well known in Scandinavia, but may be a bit more rare elsewhere. Their packaging is inspired by ancient Egypt and their products are great for sensitive skin due to their lack of perfume, essential oils and parabens.

Nilens Jord 100% Natural Minerals powder 530.

This bronzing powder is a dream for fair skin. Not too pigmented, applies very smoothly and blend out seamlessly. This is so easy to apply you almost won`t need a mirror!

Smashbox Halo Hydrating Powder.

The Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder in “Fair” has been a lifesaver for me. Most of the time my skin is well behaved, but I have had some trouble with dry skin on my forehead this fall, but luckily this powder is beautiful on dry skin since it actually feels hydrating (sound weird I know) so it doesn’t enhance dry flakes or patches on my skin. Just what I needed this month! The grinder packaging is also very handy since you get a loose powder without all the mess.

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil.

While the Smashbox Halo powder saved my dry skin the Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil have been a savior for my lips. I actually found it very handy to apply it over liquid lipstick a few minutes before removing it, and then just wiping it off with a tissue. This has also been used as a nighttime lip moisturizer. It is super comfortable on the lips and I really like the minty scent.


Even though I am a fan of long-wearing liquid lips I do prefer a lighter alternative for work. The Guerlain Kiss Kiss lipstick in “Golden Girls- 300” have been my go-to for work. It is lightweight, comfortable, and has a very flattering shade. I don`t mind the luxury of pulling out a Guerlain lipstick out of my pocket either.


I have mentioned the L`Oreal Paradise Extatic mascara on my Instagram not too long ago. It is so far the best drugstore mascara I have ever used. It makes my lashes long,feathery and gives them a nice curl. It doesn’t smudge either, not even after a long day at work outside in all kinds of weather. Such an incredible product. This one really impressed me!

Too Faced Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette.

The Too Faced Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette. This one is an oldie, but I never really fell in love with it like everybody else seems to do. It has just been laying around in my eyeshadow palette drawer almost untouched until I decided to put it in my monthly makeup work bag (I will describe this in a separate post soon). So I have used it every day in September, and except a few shades that really are not the quality I want (light pink for instance) the rest of the palette is superb for simple, quick makeup for work. There are even shades here that works well as faceprowders like bronzer, highlighter and blush!

NARS blush “Taj Mahal”.

NARS blushes are famous and for good reason. The formula is beautiful, pigmented  and long-wearing. This shade “Taj Mahal” is insanely pigmented. I use a duo fiber stipling brush and I barely touch the pan, and still it is more than enough pigment to cover my cheek. So this blush looks almost brand new and untouched even though I have used it a lot over several years! This shade is particularly beautiful on tanned skin.


Antoher favorite from Smashbox this month! The Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil is just lovely. Especially this month since I have had some troubles with dry skin. It helps the foundation not to cling on those annoying dry patches and gives the skin some most needed moisture aswell. An alternative use have been to revive some old Colourpop Super Shock eyeshadows.


Talking about Super Shock eyeshadows I had to mention a couple of them. The bottom shade is “I love this” and is a beautiful champagne with silver glitter. I had it for a while and I noticed that it started drying out. This the shade I revived with the primer oil from Smashbox. 1 tiny drop that I rubbed over the surface was all I needed to get my eyeshadow back, and I am a very happy camper because this was one of my all time favorite Super Shock eyeshadow. The other shadow is “Blaze” and is an equally stunning chocolate bronze with glitter.

That`s it for this month. Hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite products. I would really love it if you would like to recommend any of your favorites in the comments!





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