Jeffree Star X MannyMua liquid lipsticks – Swatch and Review

Controversial as he may be, Jeffree Star knows how to make a good lipstick. I tried out my first Velour Liquid Lipstick not too long ago, and I immediately fell in love. So I ordered both shades from the Jeffree Star x MannyMua collab. A few days after that I ordered 4 more shades, but this post is only on the two shades  in this collab.


In this collab they changed the normal hot pink cap to a black one, and boy does it look better! I am not a big fan of hot pink and one of the reasons why it took me so long to try out my first velour liquid lip was actually the packaging. Even though the product was raved about, the looks of it just did not tempt me. If they had been black all along I think I would have tried it much sooner I believe. I guess I can be a bit superficial when it comes to packaging. Anyway, I now learned that this formula is amazing and I should stop judging the book by its cover – or the liquid lip by its tube. These lippies have the same great formula as the original ones. Great staying power! This liquid lip formula is not afraid of a drink – either warm or cold, and it doesn’t mind food either (except when it is very greasy, but I have yet to discover a lipstick that doesn’t fade with oil). Not to mention they are super opaque and very comfortable on the lips. I don’t have any problems with my lips feeling dry or tight so that is a big big advantage of these. You don`t have to compromise between long-wearing and comfort.

“Daddy” on top “I’m Shook” on bottom (They are a bit lighter than they appear on the picture, I just ran out of proper daylight!).

The applicator is nice. I feel like the shape makes it easy to make a sharp precise shape on the lip. Something I feel is completely necessary when you are dealing with a very opaque liquid lip. Because, we don’t have time to pull out that lip brush and lip-liner on a daily basis do we? With this applicator, creating a nice crisp edge is easy.

The colors of this collection is really flattering. I was a bit surprised that MannyMua didn’t make more nude shades, but thinking about it these colors are kind of like nudes on steroids! These colors are so flattering and wearable, but still have a bit more of an impact than just your regular nude.

This is how they look on the lips. “Im Shook” on the two top pictures and “Daddy” on the two bottom ones.

“I’m shook” is a kind of burnt orange, not light enough to be just a nude but still wearable enough for everyday use. At least I would be happy to just casually wear this without any special occasion. The color makes a statement and shows up without being too demanding and hard to wear. Just a very nice balance between a nude and a darker lip. “Daddy” is a cool toned brown nude, but still makes more of a statement than a true not-really-there nude. I think both shades will work nicely on a big range of different skin tones and I really appreciate a shade that a lot of people can enjoy. I think on medium skin tones at least “Daddy” will be more of a true nude color, but on fair skin like mine it is too dark to not make a small statement. Its like the lips are saying “Ok, we know we are not bright red but you better notice us!”.

I already knew that the formula of these lipsticks are amazing, and the colors are so stunning I will definitely get a lot of use out of them. So this lip collection gets a big thumbs up and my highest recommendations!


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